The Battle For 33%: Why women’s reservation bill is important?

Why women’s reservation bill is important?

India is a diverse democratic country. The cultural differences amongst the country are wide enough to separate people amongst the regional boundaries. The women’s reservation bill was first tabled in 1996. It is still pending in Rajya Sabha after being passed by the Lok Sabha. Why Women’s reservation bill is important? How can it help to make women more empowered?

Women's empowerment Bill


Importance of Women’s Reservation Bill

The proposed 33% reservation for women in the parliament is important as it would pave the way for a women’s representation in the final decision-making process which would ultimately lead to their empowerment. This is what the real empowerment is. Not reservation in metro train. Not reservation in busses. Not simply preaching the phenomenon of “the ladies first” but actually giving them the power to take decisions on important matters is what empowerment is. Issues like female infanticide, marital rape, domestic violence, dowry need women’s perspective to look into the matter deeply. Thus, considering them capable of the planning process is what empowerment is all about.

Many people argue that the bill would be of no use as the women in India would still take decisions with support of their ‘husbands’. They won’t exercise their power in a true sense and the decision would ultimately be from a man’s perspective.

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So, let’s see the history of the country to answer this question. Indira Gandhi, one of the greatest Prime Ministers of India is the evidence that women are capable of decision making and can run the entire country sufficiently. She was the one who refuses to bow down to the hegemony of America in 1967. She nationalized the 14 major private banks of India. She drove a war with Pakistan and successfully liberated the Bangladeshis.


This pretty much makes it clear that women are absolutely capable and if given an opportunity can fairly deal with the entire system. Therefore, to make the center truly representative, this 33% reservation is certainly important.

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