Women’s Day Special: Weekly Horoscope 7th March -13th March

Weekly Horoscope 7th March -13th March: Special Tips for women to attract abundance


International Women’s Day is around the corner. Obviously, it is the time to feel special and celebrate the power within. To make your week even more special, Kiran Rai Pandey has shared some exclusive tips that will attract abundance in your life.  Womaniya, what are you waiting for?  Read your weekly horoscope from 7th March – 13th March right away!


Aries: Women of this sign would like to take initiative for the welfare of their families. They will have so much of an enthusiastic approach and will try to do the best for the family. In general, people will have a work-based week. Benefits from the spouse can be seen. It will be difficult to balance work and family together but you are going to be in a  win-win situation.

Tip: Go with red colour in this special week and plant a bamboo tree or buy and look after an indoor bamboo plant.


Taurus: This sign will take the women in the driving seat and they will try to make all decisions on their own. This attitude should not turn into reluctance. The pleasure from the side of children can be expected. The workplace would be a pleasant place for you. Students can attempt higher education in this period. Overall, a good time for all, those who belong to this sign can be expected.

Tip: Planting a fruit-bearing tree or donating the same on this special day works wonder for you


Gemini: In this special week for Women, a special suggestion of following one line; “Speech is silver, silence is gold”. Try to stay away from any argument in this period. You will extend your hand for the charity work, work for the under-privileged or donation for the needy. Unexpected changes at work or financial status can be expected in this period. A lukewarm week is waiting ahead.

Tip: Ornamental plants or trees which provide shade should either be planted or donated at the right place. Go green, adopt green and spread green around.


Cancer: Ladies! This is one of the weeks when your words would be taken under consideration for major decisions. Double-check before delivering your words to loved ones. Some of you may get marriage proposals this week. In general, people of this sign will get benefits from their spouses. Chances of surgery can be speculated if you have been going through such a condition.

Tip:  Buy or gift pearl to ladies around will give your real pleasure. Wearing pastel shade clothes may give you inner peace. 


Leo: The influence of family will reflect in your personality as well as your approach towards life. Money can be spent on your health. Avoid any legal issues or if you have been called to attend any meeting in court, it’s suggested to avoid it for the time being. Your concern will be your children. Students of this sign may find it difficult to focus on their studies.

Tip: Red colour or pink, orange shades will add positivity to your persona. Donating red articles in any form will definitely enhance your confidence.


Virgo: Time to get into a new relationship with a lot of confusions can be experienced in this period. Still, it would be altogether a sweet and sour experience will be felt. Your concern for your partner will be more. The financial aspect looks moderately fine. Despite an adverse situation, you will sail through easily. Time to rethink and then act.

Tip: Green or turquoise green colour will add zeal within you to pursue the party or any get-together. Gift your friends a non-fruit bearing plant, make sure that those plants should be used properly. 


Libra: Especially for dear ladies! Time to have fun, recreation and outings with friends. Do not go for rash driving. One suggestion for this week, listen more to family matters and wait for instructions and guidance from elders. Your talent can be recognized among your people. Love matters look challenging in this period. Travelling should be delayed.

Tip: Off white colour or light yellow shade can make you more resilient in your decisions. Plant a fruit-bearing plant on this special day


Scorpio: Partner oriented week or in another way, you will be very much dependent on your spouse or partner. Some of you may get good vibes from the neighbourhood and you can be involved in a new relationship. A well-balanced approach towards your duties may take you to the right place. Financial growth or news related to the same can be expected.

Tip: Donate or gift any kitchen item including vessels will give your happiness in this week.


Sagittarius: Your being over vocal in family matters may disturb your relation with loved ones. Avoiding sharing suggestions or experiences without any reason can keep you on the right path. Your determination will help you to reach your destination. Professional escalation is expected. Be careful from hidden enemies.

Tip: Yellow or any shade near yellow will enhance your pious aura around. Go with yellow for any of your day-to-day life’s activity


Capricorn: You can expect good news on the professional front in this period. Students can perform better. A long-awaited marital proposal can be expected. Father or fatherly figure may come forward to support you. Relation with friends needs extra care. If you have been suffering from a gynaecological issue, this is a vulnerable period. Do not ignore any complication.

Tip: Plant a flowering tree, preferably a blue colour flower plant. Donation of any article which is made up of iron or steel may give you pleasure.


Aquarius:  Your partner will support you in your growth in any way. Lack of peace will be experienced. Expenditure in different areas of life is possible. Your health needs more attention. Opponents with fake faces should be recognized and behaved accordingly. Ignoring or taking such persons for granted may take you for granted.

Tip: Plant a thorny plant or tree which bears thorn in a safe place. Gift an article made up of wood will add a smile to your face.


Pisces: Dear ladies! Take out time for yourself too. You have been too much involved in your children’s life. There is a good prospect in the area of love, children or education in your life. You will feel a yearning for spirituality or religious activities in this period. Utilize your courage and will power in the righteous path is definitely going to give you positive output.

Tip: Donating gold or golden articles in this period apart from planting a fruit-bearing plant will enhance your fortune.

One World News brings you a weekly horoscope by  Kiran Pandey Ra. She is a renowned astrologer and practising Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to

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Kiran Pandey Rai

Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practising Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to”
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