Women’s Day Special: Spend a day with your gang!

Women’s Day Special: Plan a special day for you in advance: Fall in Love with yourself ladies

So, International women’s day will be celebrated on 8th of March. What are your plans? Still thinking about it, then this is worth reading. Let us ask you a question. Should there be a specific day to celebrate women’s day or we should celebrate it throughout the year? According to us this should not matter. Pamper yourself every day because you are really special. And it applies for all kinds of women across the world, whether you are a student, a homemaker, corporate job holder, stay at home mom, work from home mom, or just a mother. So, here we bring to you Women’s day special piece, take a look.

It’s time to pamper yourself
It’s time to pamper yourself

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Dealing with daily hassles can be quite difficult, but women do this .We all have our own challenges, and despite having them, women have to be strong, take care of the household, ensure everything runs smoothly. So, we definitely deserve a treat for ourselves.

So, here are some ways you can make your women’s day really special:

1. Visit luxurious hotel

Book a table for lunch or dinner in a luxurious hotel which you find affordable also. Tune up with your girl gang or simply take your mommy and sister along with you. If you love checking into a hotel then check in with or without your kid for a day. Order some room service, switch on the TV and let your hair down.

2. Give yourself a treat

You definitely deserve a delicious treat from yourself. Nobody appreciates your work, nobody appreciates you at home, if that is the nagging feeling you have in your mind at the end of the day, shake it off! Give yourself a treat this time. It could be anything brunch or breakfast in the morning, a lunch with your girlfriends, colleagues or parents, dinner with your partner, husband or all alone. A big jar of chocolate chip ice cream while you watch an episode of Game of Thrones.

3. Stay beautiful

You always look beautiful. But it’s really impossible to spare some time for yourself and go to saloon. Pampering yourself at the salon is something most women love to do. Nothing is more relaxing than a full body spa. If you don’t like to go to spa, get a new haircut, or a facial massage, a manicure or pedicure can be relaxing as well. Just blow-dry can do magic to your looks! Remember to relax, and feel beautiful from inside. We all know “happiest girls are the prettiest”.

4. Buy a present for yourself

This is really important. You actually deserve it. Buy a gift for yourself. Do not depend on other people to buy you things you love. Think of it, how will they know what you like? Isn’t it better to just buy it yourself? And that means you can go shopping too! If you are an independent woman then well and good but If you do not earn yourself, save money, keep a piggy bank if need be. And after months, when you open it, it will be your savings. You have that exact amount to buy jewellery, new dress, a new phone, a new laptop, a camera, a car, and cosmetics.

Happy Women’s Day
Happy Women’s Day

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5. Hangout with your girl gang in clubs

Apart from having dinner or lunch in a hotel, you can also go for clubbing with your friends. It is indeed enjoyable especially in a group. Most people do love dancing, though. So, get your friends together and hit the dance floor. Make perfect dance grooves.

6. Try long drives

Women really enjoy peaceful long drives and hope you are the one. For early risers it is easy, you can do it early in the morning, catch the sun rising somewhere out of the city maybe, or else go after dinner at night. If you are not driving yourself get hold of a friend who cannot just drive, but is as enthusiastic as you about the drive. Breathe the fresh air ladies.

7. Watch a film

Simple idea for simplest women. If you don’t want spend your day like the ideas mentioned above then just watch your favourite film. Watching favourite movie is the best thing after a hectic day! Most women will agree! So switch on the TV and find one that is about to start and grab some popcorn. You are all set.

8. Schedule a time for yourself

Don’t forget to give yourself a time. In our crazy schedules we remember to make time for everyone but often don’t have time for ourselves. Time, they say is the ultimate luxury. This Women’s Day make some time for yourself. Do what you love, whether it is cooking, reading a book, discussing your future anything.

5 things that men can learn from women:

There is nothing wrong learning something good from someone. No man can be happy until and unless he knows how to make his woman happy. And, for that they need to look no further than the women in their lives. Men you can learn a lot from your lady. So, why not learn from the fairer sex? Here, are things you can learn:

1. Multitasking

Women whether working or non- working knows better how to be a multitasker. They can do a lot of work at a same point of time. So, learn this quality from them.

2. Expressive

Love is all in its expression. When she loves you, she tells you why she cries or laughs. When she pouts or smiles, there is much more to follow. Just take the cue from those funny little expressions, and follow suit.

You can learn multitasking from them
You can learn multitasking from them

3. Put aside your male ego

Male ego always remain a biggest problem. Have you ever heard about female ego? No, right? They do have but they put it in her bag because they value relations .Men need not say it every time that they are not egoistic. It speaks for itself. When women can compromise, why cannot men? Try killing that stupid thing called ego, and you will have no limits in loving each other. Setting aside your ego is a great indication of maturity.

4. Punctuality

Women are usually punctual then men. Let us be simple, your girlfriend does not care how punctual you are at work, what helps you to build your relationship is different. Punctuality in fulfilling your commitments to her pays off, no matter how small the commitment is. If you promised her you would do something for them by Monday, then do not wait until next week to do it.

Happy International Women’s Day ladies!

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