Women warriors give nightmares to ISIS

ISIS, or Islamic State, have been wrecking havoc in the Middle East for quite some time now, rendring the nation of Syria to rubble, and creating one of the biggest exodus of refugees in the recent history.



Claiming to operate on the tenets of Islam (though this has been disputed by reputed clerics around the world), these maniacal fanatics believe that by ‘killing’ their enemies, and even dying in the process, they will go to heaven.

However, unlike dying in battle at the hands of men, which ‘sends them to heaven’ and the waiting virgins (male or female…one does not know), dying at the hands of women, on the other hands sends them to hell.

This is where the brave ‘Women Warriors’ of Kurdish Women’s Protection Units come into the picture.

These women warriors are giving nightmares to the most sadistic of ISIS operatives, ones who do not mind lobbing off heads of their victims, or for that matter, tying a bomb on themselves, and blowing up innocents.

On seeing these women warriors, these ISISI ‘brave’ literally slink away, feering eternal damnation in hell, should they die at the hands of these truly brave women.

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Pravin Narain Agarwal

Pravin Narain Agarwal is a thinker, dreamer and believer
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