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Women on Twitter saying, “I never asked for it”. Know more about the campaign #INeverAskForIt

I Never Ask for It, a campaign by Blank Noise to unite voices against Victim Blaming

Recently, Blank Noise, an organisation of individuals and citizens who have united to eradicate gender-based and sexual violence, has recently brought their campaign, “I Never Asked for It” to light. A video where different women are talking about the clothes they were wearing when they got abused and people’s reaction of opening up about their abuse. Emphasising on the fact that it is not the one abused who asks for it, it brings out the important discussion around the Victim Blaming attitude of society.


The campaign raises very necessary discussion about the fact that there is no reason for which women or anyone should get abused. There is nothing that anyone chooses to do, that could attract an abuser. The victim-blaming claims like the cloths, the body, the walk, the tone, the facial expressions, etc., should never be a claim to suggest why a person happen to get abused. Instead, this victim-blaming should be abolished and the onus should be put on the perpetrator of the crime. As there is no one who ever asks for ‘it’, for violence, abuse, or rape.


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The video which was posted on 18th November 2020 has crossed more than one million views on Twitter, and in reaction to it, there are other women who are speaking up about their abuse, how they were blamed for their abuse and how people won’t put the onus on the perpetrator of the crime.

The movement started by an Artist and Activist, Jasmeen Patheja, who is the founder of Blank Noise. Today, IPS Isha Pant from Bengaluru Police will join form the Blank Noise’s Twitter to do a question-answer round addressing the victim-blaming attitude of society towards in dealing with the Gender BAsed Violence.  


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