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7 Nation Which Recruit Women in Combat Roles, While India is Still Romanticizing the Idea

Here we gave a list of those countries that have women in combat roles


Countries that have women in combat roles

Did we over romanticize the idea of women in combat roles?

Women in Combat roles: As we saw, more and more women in Ukraine are picking up arms against Russia. A question arose to most minds: Is there any country that allowed women in combat forces?

Well, the answer is Yes! However, the numbers of such countries are not very high. Nearly 16 countries had removed barriers for women to enter combat units. In addition, very few accept women frontline workers equivalent to men without any preset logic.

Here we gave a list of those countries that have women in combat roles.


From 2001, women in Germany were recruited combat roles, and there is no gender discrimination in the armed forces. Germany opened its combat units to women, significantly increasing the recruitment of female soldiers. The number of women serving in the German armed forces is now three times higher than in 2001. About 800 female soldiers served in combat units in 2009.

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The Canadian Armed Forces were one of the first in the world to remove all gender-based barriers for women serving in them.

Since 1989, all military occupations have been open to women. Although it opened a few years late, the submarine service was operational by 2000.

Approximately 15 percent of the Canadian military have female members, while 2 percent of combat troops (99 soldiers) are female. In 2006, Canada lost its first female soldier in combat with Taliban forces.


Women began serving in combat positions in 1985, and by 2009, women had served in artillery units, rescue units, and anti-aircraft forces. Women are compelled to participate in compulsory military service, but they only conscript for two years. Whereas men in the country have to serve for 3 years.


Denmark has had a “total inclusion” policy since 1988, which followed the 1985 “combat trials” that explored women’s capabilities in frontline combat. According to the British MOD study, Danish research showed women could perform just as well as men in land combat roles. While all positions are open to women, many of the Special Operations Forces have been inaccessible to them due to physical requirements.


This country removed barriers so women could serve in its frontline units on a condition meeting the physical requirements for the position. According to Australia’s defense minister, the last 7 percent of jobs previously closed to women, including those in Special Forces, infantry, and artillery, will now be available.

France: In France, nearly one-fifth of the troops are women, and they can serve in all military posts except submarines and riot-control gendarmes. Despite being allowed to fill in the combat forces, most women opt out. Therefore, Women make up only 1.7 percent of this force.


As of 1985, Norway became the first NATO country to allow women to serve in combat capacities, including submarines. Women are also required to register in the event of national mobilization.

According to Col. Ingrid Gjerde, a retired infantry officer from the Norwegian military for 25 years, “the few women who are attracted to infantry and cavalry do an excellent job in the Norwegian Army.”

According to Colonel Gjerde, who commanded Norwegian forces in Afghanistan from 2012 to 2014, “you have to meet the physical standards if you want to do the job. There is no difference as long as women hold up their ends.”

“Those who enter into these fields know what the standards are, and it’s not that difficult for women to train up to those standards if they want it badly enough,” added Col. Gjerde, clearing all doubts related to women in combat roles.

Did we over romanticize the idea of women in combat roles?

When it comes to India, the Supreme Court continues to restrict women in combat roles. We now come to the idea of women serving in combat roles – the Infantry and the Armoured Corps. It is practically impossible, especially in India, even if you romanticize it.

Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was shot down in aerial combat with the Pakistan Air Force and captured. Imagine the outpouring of grief if this was a female pilot.

Therefore, it is a never-ending debate and a long battle. Yes, we cannot escape from the practical point of view, and it may take an era to overcome these drawbacks.

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