Women empowerment: Reality or Illusion?

Are women actually empowered?

Today when we talk about women, the first thing comes to our mind is ‘empowerment’. Indeed, women’s situation has increased a lot since then as they are getting a proper education, taking a stand to voice their rights and are working with their male counterparts hand in hand. Although if they aren’t getting the equal pay or if their rights remain unheard, it is still empowerment, isn’t it?

Women Empowerment

What is actually feminism?

Whenever a woman utters about the challenges or the misogyny she faces in her daily life, people usually try to hush them by reminding them about the privileges provided by the government. Such as the women’s quota in educational institutes or women reservation on various public places such as metro trains, buses etc, and if that doesn’t work they fix the same dialogue, “lo fir inka feminism jag gay”, as if they know what actually feminism is.

Theoretical condolences for women can’t change the mindset of people. Until and unless the social stigmas that consider women as dumb would not break, nothing is going to change. Believing that women can’t drive properly when they are flying fighter jets. Believing that women can’t make decisions even after being ruled by women Prime Minister and President. Believing that women can’t play instruments when there have been numerous Anuhska Shankar and Saraswati Devi, is absolute of no sense.

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Are women really empowered?

Is this the empowerment we are talking about? Is empowerment is just about privilege and nothing to deal with these social stigmas? Are women really empowered? Are they empowered enough to roam in a street freely at night? The one who thinks that our government has nothing to do with the public mindset or social stigmas and our government is so much concerned, then why our overwhelmingly male parliament has failed to enact the legislation since 10 years, that aims to boost the women representation and their participation in decision making?

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