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Women: Don’t be Envious, Grow and Fly together!

How and Why a Woman should support other Women

Let us grow together! Let us fly together. We have come to a long journey fighting the odds of this society. We already have many people who put their blood and soul to stop women from getting ahead in life. Competition and moving ahead in your role aside, being a cheerleader to your female colleagues and basically all of you being able to count on each other is a necessity for the challenges we face every day.

This extreme trend is followed mostly at workplaces where there is a sense of competition amongst the female colleagues. The scenario turns to a war ground when personal grudges are included.

Here is a list of things which can bring changes positively in the female spheres:-

Cheering others to get Cheered!

It takes nothing if we cheer each other, a woman needs other woman’s cheering to move forward. We got to cheer each other first then only we take a stand ahead in the society.

No Nasty, Be Critical!

When it comes to a woman giving feedback to the other woman, it becomes nasty most of the times. Whenever we get a chance to give reviews about someone’s work woman who does not miss a chance to put the other woman down.

Compliment her Work, not just her beauty!

Women for once can compliment other women for beauty, dress, makeup maybe sarcastically but they won’t compliment genuinely for our work. We have to understand that our work will finally decide our stand in a particular place. Be truthful and kind to each other.

Call for a Collaboration!

Women are doing their jobs wonderfully in so many fields. Nothing can be better than a team of women. Try to collaborate with skilled women instead of becoming back bitches gossiping around and getting jealous of colleagues.

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