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Women Challenging Male-Dominated Professions

From Zomato delivery to a driving rickshaw, list of women challenging male-dominated jobs

We have often come across this line once in our life

“Ye ladies ke bas ki baat Nhi Hai”

Women especially in India are stereotyped with certain jobs and professions, especially the odd ones. Some various sectors and services are still dominated by men as they require certain technical skills or need to be more brawn.  According to patriarchy, females are fragile in terms of physical strength and better to take light jobs.

But some women in India have successfully burst the bubble and giving tough competition in male-dominated jobs.

Introducing 3 such women challenging male-dominated jobs

Nation wants to know, Ladka Ladki nikal gayi hai aapka order leke

Bishnupriya Swain – 1st Zomato food delivery girl of Orissa

Covid-19 pandemic has hurled adversities on many, but some were not ready to bow down.

The utter will to overcome life’s challenges motivated Bishnupriya Swain of Orrisa to crush stereotypes.

To fulfil her and her family’s needs, Bishnupriya decided to become a part-time Zomato delivery agent. 

This 18-year-old was often seen riding her motorcycle during the lockdown. And delivering food in and around Silver City.

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Bishnupriya is a plus 2 second-year student in a Cuttack-based college. This job helps her to finance her education as she aims to become a doctor.

Swain says, “Supporting a family of seven members is not an easy task, but I want to help in every possible way.”She added that if one is scared of adversities, they could never be able to grow and achieve their goals. Earlier she used to provide tuitions, but during the lockdown, she had to find alternate ways to sustain. Bishnuriya’s self-reliant attitude has helped her to maintain a schedule to balance her studies ad work. She believes that if a person takes responsibility for their own time, they can overcome all hardships.

Don’t panic if she is a mechanic

Telangana only women mechanic- Adilaxmi

This woman from Telangana is known for three things:

Her command in the kitchen; her garage skills; and being the only female mechanic in Telangana

The 30-year-old started learning the work to help her husband and is now an expert in this so-called odd job.

A mother of two, Adilaxmi runs a tire repair shop with her husband Y. Veerabhadram. The couple has set up a mechanic and welding shop in 2016 on a mortgaged amount of Rs. 1 lakh.  Initially, people doubt her capabilities but her dedication proved them wrong. Now, the shop operates 24 hours and 7 days a week. She is quite popular among locals.  Adilaxmi is a perfect example of why there should be no gender barrier to any work.

Nari ki Sawari

Bhopal’s first female auto-rickshaw driver- Talat Jahan

Meet Bhopal’s first female auto-rickshaw driver, Talat Jahan. Her journey in auto-rickshaw begins with a traumatic past. Before becoming an auto-rickshaw chalak, she survived domestic abuse. 

Talat Jahan got married in 2013. But soon her husband’s family comes up with more demands of dowry from her.

Jahan and her parents first tried speaking to her in-laws. But in-laws remained adamant on their dowry demands and to humiliate the victim.  Later Talat reported them to the police also but the harassment continues.

In 2016, somebody told her about the Gaurav, a shelter and support for sexual violence survivors. it is supported by ActionAid. They encouraged Jahan to learn new skills and earn a living. This led her to the auto-rickshaw.

Jahan with help of her mother managed to save enough money to buy an auto of their own.

In 2018, Jahan took her auto out on the streets of Bhopal. Her first passenger was Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan. 

It took her some time to settle down with this new job. Though she rode it all out and started earning Rs. 500 to 1500 every day before the covid-19 pandemic.

She also got company in the form of more women rickshaw drivers.

During the corona outbreak, she ferried food and other essentials to struggling families in the city.

She says, “My life has changed not just financially, but has empowered my personality”.

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