Women born in February are Unpredictable: You Won’t believe the last point!

Special Traits of Women born in February: Read the list & let us know did you find them relatable!


Why Women born in February unpredictable?

Dating a February born, things to keep in mind

Special Traits that make them super special

When it comes to romantic relationships, we all crave for some unpredictability because when it’s too predictable, it is kinda boring, isn’t it? Well, February is the official month of love and people born in February are expected to be romantic AF! Here are a few special traits of February born that make them super special. In this article, we will be focusing on women born in February. Are they really unpredictable or they just want to keep it a little mysterious to keep the spark alive. Let us find out,  scroll down to read the entire article.

Usually, women born in February are a little unpredictable, they are curious and social butterflies. They love with all their heart but you can experience some inconsistency as well. They are extremely passionate and creative and they are usually attracted to excellence. Let us look at her special traits, you need to take notes,E if you are dating a woman born in February.

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1. She will never fake it

Women born in February will never settle for someone who is not honest.  Honesty is in their blood. People born in February, irrespective of their gender they are honest and they won’t settle for someone who is not honest.

2. Okay! Emotional blackmail won’t work on her

You will rarely find a person born in February crying over things in life. It doesn’t mean that things happening around them doesn’t affect her but she knows how to keep her emotions in check. Women born in February are quite emotionally stable. Remember – Emotional blackmailing doesn’t work on her.

3. She will ask for Space

A lot of times, you will find her asking for Me Time. Yes, women born in this month enjoy their own company and they will often ask to allow them space. If you mistake their silence for their moody behaviour, then you are wrong. They just love their own company and that’s why they never feel lonely.

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4. They Prioritize their family!

Family comes first for them. Women born in this month are extremely fond of their family. They are dedicated in all their relationships and often come out as givers. They believe in strong bonds and clear communication. They always try to resolve issues and bring back harmony and joy.

5. As we mentioned Lying is a Deal Breaker for them!

She would forgive you for everything but dishonesty and lies are total deal breakers for them. Communicating with her is always pleasurable but they may say something that will leave you stunned for the next few days. You will always find her rational and reasonable.

6. She will always keep it simple!

She doesn’t like to complicate things. Be it professional or personal, if things are not working out she will be vocal about it. She won’t keep you hanging and that’s the best quality of the women born in February. If you are not able to figure out her feelings, ask her and she will be honest to you.

7. Out of  sight, out of mind – Holds true for them

You need to establish a connection with her and keep in touch with her. If you want something serious and long –term with her, do not be inconsistent with your actions.  Out of Sight, Out of Mind holds true for them because if you don’t show her that you are interested she is not going to miss you!

Note: These traits might not hold true for all! In case, if we have missed out any point write to us and let us know!

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