This woman from Nepal is driving boys crazy, see pics

This Nepali woman is taking social media by storm

Internet is the best source for sharing beauty that lie in the corners of world

Simplicity is best beauty! Isn’t it guys? People came across an example of Pakistani chaiwala, who was not from rich family background but then also girls went crazy for him because his blue eyes probably hypnotized all of us. Now a woman from Nepal is all set to drive boys crazy.

Arshad Khan, who is just in his 20 suddenly, became the centre of attraction for his good looks and blue eyes. A photographer clicked his picture and shared those pictures with others on internet. After watching his pictures girls’ specially went crazy for his looks. For his natural beauty and so much love from people that he received he signed a modeling contract with a company.

The Nepali Girl

Not only Arshad but photographs of young Singaporean security guard Lee Minwei at the Changi airport also went viral on social media. And just like chaiwala he also drove girls crazy from his overloaded cuteness. Lee is also in his 20’s and girls you won’t believe this that he is still single. Apart from these two charming boys, now social media users are going gaga over the pictures of a Nepali ‘tarkariwali’ (a vegetable seller). This girl is too beautiful to handle.

Who is this Nepali beauty?

Well, till now her identity has been not revealed. Only her pictures are taking internet by storm. Her good looks and mesmerizing smile caught the attention of the Internet soon after a Nepali photographer Rupchandra Maharjan clicked her images and posted them on social media according to latest reports.

You will come across another picture in which girl carrying vegetables on her back was apparently captured at fishing suspension bridge between Gorkha and Chitwan. This Nepali beauty has been trending on social media platforms as #tarkariwali, is being lauded for her hard work and praised for her looks and smile.

In fact, some social media users seem to be greatly inspired by her choice of profession. She is new internet sensation. We must say beauty is perfectly going with hard work. Boys you have to control your feelings and heart till the identity of this gorgeous lady gets revealed. Till then just go gaga over her pictures.

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