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Maa toh Maa hoti  hai: Kenyan Woman boils stone to assure kids that she is Preparing meal! 

If this can’t move you then what will? Did you realize how bless you are?

A mother of eight children in Kenya started boiling stones to assure her kids that she is preparing meal. The kids were hungry and she had no food. The helpless mother was left with no other choice so she started boiling stones to assure them that she is preparing food.

According to BBC News, Kitaso used to work as a washerwoman. Currently, She had no work due to COVID 19 outbreak as people are practicing social distancing.

The incident caught the attention of her neighbours. They alerted the media and also got their bank account opened. Soon after the news got viral, Kenyans came forward to help her.

Kitaso lost her husband last year and lives with her 8 children in a 2 bedroom flat. According to reports, there was no electricity and water facility.

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According to a Tuko News Website, Kitaso said she is greatful for all the help she received. She also added that she is receiving a lot of calls for help & she can’t thank enough people who helped her.

According to a report, Kenyan government has already launched a feeding programme as a relief to fight the pandemic. Unfortunately, it has not reached to a lot of people like Kitaso.

Amid the outbreak of COVID 19, we are realizing a lot of things. From understanding meaning of co-existence to finding happiness in small things, we are learning so many things. This story has made us realised how blessed we are. Hope after this pandemic ends, we will stop complaining and will start appreciating small things in our life like a ‘Meal’

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