Without A Doubt Say Yes To Sprouts!

Without A Doubt Say Yes To Sprouts!

Without A Doubt Say Yes To Sprouts!

Winters are rightaround the corner and it’s time to take extra care of your health. The best thing that you can include in your diet to increase your immunity these winters are sprouts. Sprouts have 10o times more enzymes than a raw vegetable or fruit (Enzymes are a special type of protein that act as a catalyst in the human body) they act as nutrition building blocks for our body.

Without A Doubt Say Yes To Sprouts!

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Although sprouts can be consumed throughout the year, most people prefer them during winters. Whenever we think of proteins, the first thing that comes to our mind is meat, chicken, fish, eggs or dairy products. But you know what? Sprouts have large protein contents, up to 40 percent by mass.

There are different varieties of sprouts such as mungbeans, alfalfa beans, chickpeas, clover and soya bean. They can be consumed raw or can be included in salads.

Some benefits of eating sprouts are:

• Regular intake of sprouts can help you to maintain healthy and glowing skin.
• Regulates blood pressure as they remove excess of sodium from the body and sprouts are sodium free.
• It increases the digestion power and flushes out all impurities from blood

Without A Doubt Say Yes To Sprouts!

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We search departmental and organic stores, looking for healthy foods and recipes, but we forget that the simplest and most healthy meal can be eating sprouts on a daily basis. They are the cheapest and most convenient source of nourishment as they are enriched with vitamin B, protein and fiber.

“Sprouts are a good source of chlorophyll, said to have anti bacterial properties that could help you to manage your weight so, rather than going to gyms or taking supplements you can simply add sprouts to your diet”, says Priyanka Khanna, a Dietician.

“Sprouts can be dried and then they get converted to ‘Malt’. This form is called malted flour and it is very beneficial for babies, as it can be given to them in the form of porridge that gets digested easily and has a high density nutrient. “I give it to my baby and I highly recommend to all mothers to do the same”, says Ruchika Srivastava, mother of a one year old boy.

Without A Doubt Say Yes To Sprouts!

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Sometimes, it is hard to digest raw sprouts for many people but no need to worry, as there are various ways to eat sprouts:

• They can be used as dips for sandwich fillings
• You can crush them lightly and then can use them as the filling in Pancakes
• They can be a part of salads
• You can cook them and serve them with rice (Remember don’t overcook the sprouts as that would flush out all the nutrients)

Without A Doubt Say Yes To Sprouts!

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“Sprouts are very beneficial because they correct hormonal imbalances.”, says Priyanka Khanna

Looking at the benefits of sprouts, it would be really fruitful to include them in your diet. So, next time you have a meal, make sure that you include sprouts in some form in your meal.

Here is an interesting recipe that you can try:

Whole grain sprout cake:


¾ cup milk
4 eggs yolk
4 egg whites- beat stiff
1 table spoon honey
1 cup sprouts any combination of grains such as wheat, Rye, Kamut
1 cup whole wheat flour
2 tsp baking powder
½ tsp salt
2 tbs cornstarch
¼ cup corn, vegetable oil


Place the sprouts in the blender, add milk gradually and blend the mixture until it gets smooth.

Place the mixture into egg yolks, 3t of the oil and honey

In a bowl mix all the four dry ingredients- mix well, gradually add the sprout mixture to the mixed dry ingredients until both are blended into one.

Don’t over mix the batter. Use a hot skillet to bake the cake.

They are ready to serve.

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