This winter try ‘Dadi maa’ ke Nuskhe’( Remedies) to boost your immunity

Granny’s suggestion will help you to combat against pollution and will boost your immunity

Diwali is already over and we are back to our routines, but this time people are paying a huge cost of burning crackers. The air quality has become severe and it has almost become impossible to breathe.

Only your strong immunity system can help you to fight against polluted air you are breathing now. Building your own immunity is literally the only thing you can do to combat the harm that’s being caused to your body due to severe level of pollution.

While we are complaining again and again about the government not taking proper measures in order to control pollution, but still we too are acting like ignorant, don’t forget not only the government is responsible for this you too are responsible.

We have come up with dadi maa ke nuskhe which can be really helpful for you to build your immunity and trust us we are not going refer any capsules.

This winter try 'Dadi maa' ke Nuskhe’( Remedies) to boost your immunity
Earthern pot

Do this and build strong immunity

1. Drink water from earthen pot

Remember when we use to go at our granny’s place to spend our vacations and what we always encounter was earthen pot or matkas.

Though our grandparents too have moved on to plastic-made RO water systems, the truth is, storing water in an earthen pot helps maintain the pH balance of water, which usually goes haywire when the water is stored in plastic (read your RO machines). It builds immunity.

This winter try 'Dadi maa' ke Nuskhe’( Remedies) to boost your immunity
Turmeric milk

2. Use turmeric liberally in food

Still, whenever you get hurt the first thing that your grandma or maa presents is ‘haldi wala doodh’ (turmeric milk). The fact that turmeric has anti-bacterial properties is widely known. And though we won’t ask you to have haldi doodh regularly right now–because that combination is very warm for the body, and it’s not winter yet–what you can do is add more turmeric to your everyday food, the dal and sabzi you prepare at home.

3. Let your toddler walk barefoot

Yes, don’t worry about hygiene issues if you have toddlers and are worried about them, here’s a sure-shot way to give a boost to their immunity.

Without worrying about hygiene or their feet getting dirty, let your child walk around barefoot for an hour or so everyday inside the house. This brings the child in touch with the non-threatening kind of bacteria on the floor, signaling the body to get ready for it thus, building immunity for life.

This winter try 'Dadi maa' ke Nuskhe’( Remedies) to boost your immunity

4. Return to neem ka datoon

Many of us are even not aware of the fact that many people still in villages do not use toothpaste, they either opt for neem ka datoon.

Neem trees are not hard to find in Delhi-NCR. Just pluck some stems (the brown ones; green ones are too raw to clean teeth with) and use one each morning to clean your teeth. If you’re too finicky, do the datoon after or before brushing your teeth. We don’t need to tell you the health benefits of neem juice; there’s a reason neem is used in so many cold-and-flu medicines. As bitter as it may be, it’s bloody good for you!

This winter try 'Dadi maa' ke Nuskhe’( Remedies) to boost your immunity
Mustard oil

5. Rub mustard oil inside your navel

Mustard oil is purely natural and it has many health benefits too. Though this remedy is usually advised for curing discoloration of lips, rubbing warm mustard oil inside your navel–in circular motions–helps the stimulation of gastric juices and bile juices from the liver and spleen. This helps your food get digested much more easily and faster, thus keeping your gut happy.

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