#Winter Special: Make Til Ke Laddoo to beat your sweet cravings

Til Ke Laddoo will treat your sweet tooth

  • Total Time: 20 m
  • Prep time: 5 m
  • Calories: 353
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Til Ke Laddoo is a traditional winter sweet and it is very famous in Bihar. This simple recipe made with jaggery and peanuts will beat your sweet cravings. You can serve these scrumptious laddoos as a sweet dish instead of pastries and ice creams to your guests. Also, you don’t need to put in much efforts in preparing these laddoos as they are so – easy –to make.


  •  200 gm sesame seeds
  •  50 gm raw peanuts
  •  3 tablespoon ghee
  •  300 gm chopped jaggery

How to make it?

Step 1

Add sesame seeds to a pan and roast them. After roasting them transfer these to a try and put them aside. Now add peanuts to it and roast it as well. Transfer the roasted peanuts to another pan and let it cool. Once it gets cool, crush the peanuts in mortar and pestle.

Step 2
Now, in the same pan, melt ghee over the low flame. Add jaggery to the pan and let it melt. Do not forget to stir it continuously. Now remove the pan and keep it aside for few minutes. Add sesame seeds and roasted peanuts to them and mix with a spatula, till it blends well.

Step 3

Last but not the least, transfer this paste to a plate and let it cool for few minutes. After cooling it shape the paste into balls and serve it to your guests.

They are going to love it!

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