Winter fashion for men: Take these cues from Bollywood celebrities

End the fashion conundrums this winter taking inspo from these Bollywood celebs


Winter has arrived along with the time to add pieces that stand out in our wardrobe. Some might think of winter as a season of hibernation but winter shouldn’t be synonymous with gloomy and grey.

The men of Bollywood are raising the bar when it comes to winter clothing. It appears that they have found a cure for all our winter wardrobe woes. There is a lot of style inspiration floating around from where we can take cues to make sure that we step out in the finest styles this season. From Shahid Kapoor’s leather jacket for bike mode to Vicky Kaushal’s basic jumpers for mild-winter, we’ve got you covered on all your winter outing requirements.

Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, or even 40s, winter style is for literally everyone. But there are a few things we need to take care of. The key to keeping winter fashion hassle-free and fresh is to layer it right. After all, no one wants to look puffed up or die a slow death under heavy layers of woolen clothes. Denim jackets, leather jackets never go out of style, so they could be our go-through outside look. Jumpers, puffers, and bomber jackets are also a big yes.

Our Bollywood celebs are playing their winter game right on point. Of course, stylists are helping them, but don’t worry. we are your stylist. This is a list of winter apparel worn by Bollywood men to solve our fashion conundrums this winter.


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Shahid Kapoor in Leather Jacket can never be old

This comes fresh from the Instagram account of Shahid Kapoor. He is rocking the bike look in a leather jacket. So, if you are amongst those who ride a motorcycle to work, then take cues from this trendy look of Shahid Kapoor.


Varun Dhawan in Denim Jacket is a delight

Varun Dhawan is slaying the winter look. Someone has said it right that Denim Jackets can never go out of fashion. It has been in trend since the 90s and continues to be eye-appealing. Layer your denim jacket with a white or black T-shirt. If you are wearing a white tee, pair it with black jeans, and if you have opted black T-shirt, opt for blue jeans. This will give a complete celebrity look. If someone is impressed with your look, do recommend our website to him for more ideas.


Bombers Jacket is a yes

Aditya Roy Kapoor looks decent, yet stylish in this bomber jacket. So, the Bomber jacket can be layered with a black tee. You could wear it with jeans and sneakers for a complete stylish yet decent look which won’t attract raised-eyebrows from Chachas and Mamas.


Jumpers are not to be missed – Vicky Kaushal

The simplicity of this Vicky Kaushal look solves the problem of mild winter. If you are in a city like Mumbai or Bangalore, the temperature doesn’t decrease a lot. Or once, the temperature starts increasing in late January or early February, jumpers should be your choice.

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