Winter essentials for women: 7 bag essentials that will make you winter-ready

Are you winter ready? 7 bag essentials that will make you winter-ready

Winter essentials for women: A lot of people love winter season. There are so many reasons to love this season such as you can have endless cups of chai & coffee, you can flaunt boots, leather jacket, and much more. It is not important to be surrounded by snow and mountains to feel the magic of the winter season. The holidays bring family time; people yearn for warmth and love.  When the first winter breeze flows through the trees you can feel the magic in the air. Above all, with Christmas and New Year approaching, we just can’t keep calm. Everything around us seems so positive.  But let’s burst the bubble! Winter season brings diseases and flues along with it too.  Here are 7 important winter essentials that you should carry in your handbag that will make you winter-ready.

1. Sanitizer

You should keep it in your bag for the entire year, but it becomes really important during the winter season. To keep all kinds of infections at bay you should keep it in your bag.

2. Scarf

A woolen scarf should always find a place in your bag. It will not only protect you from chilly winds but will keep hair damage at bay.

3. Moisturizer

Who likes dry hands? During the winter season you should keep moisturizer handy. Apply it when required because your skin needs extra attention during the winter season.

4. A good Lip balm

Chapped lips become everyone’s problem during the winter season. In that case, you should always carry a lip balm in your bag. You can try Nykaa’s lip crush range for nourished lips.

5. Inhalers and medicines

Sometimes cold winds can give you a bad headache. You should have some medicines and inhalers in your bag to deal with the situation.

 6. Gloves

To protect yourself from the cold outside, you can carry a pair of gloves in your bag. You can wear them for that extra warmth when required.

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7. Nuts like Almonds

They are a great source of antioxidants. You can keep them in your bag, especially in winter. Eating them every then and now will keep energized throughout the day


Winter people eagerly wait for this season. It brings the hope of new beginnings and warmth of family love. But it also brings a lot of other things with it. In that case, it is important to be winter-ready. All the above-said things will make you winter-ready.

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