Winter Decor

Changing the décor of the home at the outset of different seasons is one of the easiest ways to impart a new look to the interiors of your home. With the winter season setting in, it is once again a time to impart a fresh feel to the interiors. With fluffy and soft fabrics and warm colors, you can welcome the winter season in style.


Although the weather outside might be dreary, your decor inside can remain cheery. Warm up your home for the winter season with our coziest decorating ideas. You will learn how simple it is to make a smooth transition from fall to winter using our favorite multipurpose decorating ideas and tips. We have the best quick seasonal updates and do-it-yourself projects to help you fill your home with the comforts of the holiday season on a dime. Check out our easy wool projects to ensure your home stays toasty despite dropping temperatures outside. Learn how to transform found natural elements into a beautiful tablescape that will be the perfect accent to any of your holiday gatherings. Finally, take a look through our favorite do-it-yourself Christmas decor projects and learn how to fill your home with holiday cheer without breaking the bank. Tired of the standard red and green? We also have an array of fresh and fun holiday color schemes you can use to deck your halls, walls, and more for the season.


Winter season is all about getting cozy. So you need to take out all your fluffy and soft throws. With the throws, your furniture pieces would make the place inviting and cozy. You may also use silk throws in order to impart a rich feel to the interiors. Flannel is also a great option and goes well for throws as well as for curtains and bedding.


Use pillows and cushions to add extra warmth and comfort to your room. It is doubtless that softness of pillows and cushions compel one to snuggle them. In addition, you have the liberty to play with colors and fabrics. Velvet, satin, suede and silk are some popular options for fabric. And it would be best to select dark colors and patterns.


Introduce rugs in all parts of your house as it is it is very unpleasant to place your feet against a cold floor. Rugs shall make your home warm and cozy.
Decorate your home with natural elements and add an element of serenity to your home. The muted neutral and earthy touches of stone and wood paired with dried flowers, and leaves shall help you to create an astonishing environment.


Pine cones are easiest to be found. Hang them with dried branches or place them in a glass bowl. Pebbles and stones arranged in shallow trays and dish look amazing.
Create a sitting space near the fireplace which has been inactive the rest of the year. Place a coffee table, a rug and some chairs. If you do not have a fireplace, light candles in various parts of your house. Add aromas and warm scents to your indoors such as vanilla, cinnamon and more. This can be done by making use of fragrant oil in oil warmer. Alternatively, you may also light scented candles and fragrant sticks.


Change the artwork displayed. Floral and bright prints are not ideal for the winter season. Instead hang some black and white pictures.
• Go Colorful: Colors that are associated with fire, such as gold, orange, and red, give an instant feeling of warm and cozy. Floor, Walls, Ceiling and Fabrics are the four elements which can instantly alter the look and feel of any room. Choose colors that will make best use of the scanty sunlight and keep your rooms warm. Go through the color swatch and choose the brightest color that suits your taste. Those who cannot afford painting the walls can use wallpapers to make the walls colorful.


• Warm Textiles: Since textiles are probably the most significant element of the interior, changing them will greatly influence the overall look. Update pillows, curtains, tablecloths and blankets to protect apartment from the outside cold and create a warm atmosphere inside.


• Fragrance and colors with Flowers: By adding a few freshly cut flowers or potted plants, you can also add much needed light and color into your apartment for the winter. Be very careful during the winter months to not let your plants become too dry. Apart from adding colors, flowers fill your apartment with heavenly smells. Be sure to use scented and dazzling flowers only.


• Fragrance with scented candles: Choose candles that complement your home decor or the specific theme for which they are being used. They can be placed in individual holders or clustered together on a plate or inside a bowl. Cinnamon is a wonderful aroma to have in your apartment for winter months. Candles can now be bought in a variety of sizes and shapes and look beautiful, as well as give off a wonderful aroma. Candles will give your apartment an instantly warm feeling. Buy some colorful and scented candles for your apartment.


• Rugs and Carpets: You can add a rug or even a lounge and armchairs for comfortable seating space. Rugs not only feel good and warm under your feet, but also add color and texture to any room. Spread warm rugs and place rich carpets in every room for creating a warm ambience. If budget is not a problem, woolen rugs are by far the best choice.


• The winter blues can settle in quickly when the skies outside turn gray and the sunshine is just a distant memory in our minds. Occasionally, those gray days yield to a very weakened sunshine and that means we can do some things inside our homes to take advantage of those rays of sunshine.
• Just a few quick changes in a room can transform it into a wintertime oasis. Of course, we are all pinching our pennies these days and need to keep the budget in mind as we make the changes in our room.


• I found it is a great idea to keep several pairs of draperies and sheer curtains on hand in order to change the look and feel of a room just by the change in drapery fabric and color. In the wintertime, it is nice to have a heavier drapery that can be closed up to help keep out any chilly winds that might penetrate the windows, but those heavy draperies can also be opened up on sunny days to allow the winter sunshine to flow through a light colored pair of sheer curtains. Even lace curtains are great for this because it allows the sunshine to paint beautiful patterns on the walls of the room and adds a lightness to the entire area.


• If curtains and draperies are not in your budget these days, you could check out some very nice second-hand draperies and sheers at Goodwill, Salvation Army or any other thrift store in your area. Most draperies are only gently used and present a very good bargain when it comes to making temporary changes in your home. By keeping these decorating changes in mind, during the warmer seasons of the year, yard sales are also a great way to stock up on all those extra items you need to have on hand in the wintertime.


• Another fresh idea for brightening a room and chasing away winter drabness is to purchase a fresh bouquet of real flowers occasionally. Just having a hint of springtime in the room does wonders for the soul. Of course, you can also purchase artificial flowers but those tend to be dust-catchers and can cause respiratory problems, especially in the winter when the air in most homes is already dry. Still, they could be a good idea if you tend to be allergic to the real thing.


• If your home has tile, hardwood floors or laminate wood floors, room-size rugs can also be changed out periodically in order to brighten the room. Don’t forget to add a few throw pillows on sofas and chairs to further enhance and lend freshness to your room. You might not want to use light pastel colors in the wintertime, but just a few softer tones or even metallic tones added to the existing pillows can help provide a pleasant, comfortable feel to the room.


• Making these changes in the room where the family spends the bulk of their time is usually enough to brighten the mood, providing that room receives an adequate amount of natural sunlight when it is available.


• Taking steps to brighten and add some cheeriness to our living space is a sure way to chase away the winter blues.


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