Wine Shops in Delhi Residential Area, women ask government ‘Kya Hua Tera Wada’?

Wine Shops in Delhi Residential Area is a big question mark on Women’s Safety in the National Capital!

When it comes to crime against women in India, National Capital Delhi tops the list. According to the data, Delhi is one of the most unsafe cities for women to live in.  Though there was an overall dip in the cases during the pandemic, still it remains the most unsafe city.  Every year some horrific cases of crime against women in the capital make headlines. Be it the Delhi Cant rape case or a recent case where a 20 – year –old woman was allegedly gang-raped, beaten and paraded in Delhi.

Over the years, the Delhi government has taken many big decisions for women safety.  Be it installing CCTV cameras or deploying marshals in the buses. But the permit of wine shops in Delhi residential areas has left a big question mark on women’s safety in the National capital.

“Talking about my experience, I am a Delhi resident and live in Rohini. There is a wine shop near my building. Every day when I return home after work, I see a long queue there. To be honest, it is quite uncomfortable and I feel unsafe”, says a 26 – year –old woman who works for a private company.

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As Punjab Elections are around the corner, BJP also targeted the Kejriwal government as the Aam Aadmi Party has promised to make Punjab alcohol free in its manifesto. On the other hand, in Delhi, the government has allowed having more liquor shops not just in commercial areas but in residential areas as well.  BJP is targeting AAP for its liberal excise policy. However, AAP maintains that the new excise policy aims to streamline the revenue and plug holes in the system.

But clearly, wine shops in residential areas have compromised the safety of women in the city. In fact, BJP will take this issue up in April to women voters in Delhi as MCD elections are speculated to be held in March or April 2022.

Let us take a look at the facts:

The New Excise policy in Delhi came into effect on 17 November 2021. According to the new policy, the liquor business can now be handled by completely private players. The government has given licenses to open 849 liquor vends all across the city. So far 550 have already started operating while the remaining are being set up by private operators. There are many shops that are operational in residential areas and some near the schools.

Several protests were called against the new excise policy. However, the government has not responded yet. According to a report, Delhi BJP on February 3, said, The Delhi BJP  will seal all the liquor shops in residential areas and all shops near schools.

“I believe when the Delhi government talks about women empowerment and women safety, wine shops in residential areas are quite worrying. I have a daughter who comes back home after her classes in a nearby dance class, I am always concerned”, says Mom of 17 –year –old, Preet Vihar.

Women in Delhi ask Kya Hua Tera Wada. Wine shops are definitely a threat to our security. Several women return home in the evening and it really feels unsafe to cross a wine shop located outside our buildings or societies.

If we talk about the AAP election manifesto for the last elections, it was high on women safety and women empowerment. The government promised to make Delhi a safe city for women.  If we talk about the latest development – The government is yet to respond. What do you think about it?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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