Will rain spoil the much-awaited India vs Pakistan clash: Here is the weather update

Ankit Kumar
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India and Pakistan fans will come together to pray to the rain God for an uninterrupted match

Ahead of the much-awaited cricket match of year people are in fear if their Sunday blockbuster match will be washed out due to rain. The long rivalry between the two countries is expected to witness as many as 1.5 billion viewers which is just less than the Football World Cup final which glued 1.6 billion viewers.

The rain has badly affected many games till now

This World Cup has already 4 washed out games and few rain-affected games because of the rain and we are not even 20 days into the tournament. The last match of the Indian team against New Zealand was a No-Result game because of the rain. Indian fans won’t want to see another match going down because of the weather.

 Weather Forecast:                                       

We are here to help you find out if there will be any rain or not. As per the weather forecast, it was said that there will be clouds in the sky and few drizzles are expected in the morning. As the day will progress, Sun will come out and the match could happen.  We have some tweets to help you understand the weather better. Have a look at it:

Images are giving us high hopes

As we can see in the images it’s an open day, Sun is shining bright and we have the possibility of having 100 over match. Even though there isn’t a 100 over the match, we as a big fan of Cricket would love to see even a shorter match but with a positive result.

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The match is scheduled to start at 3:00 PM according to the IST and at 10:00 AM local time.  Prepare yourself for 8 and half hours of cricket madness because we are going home early today from office.

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