Will Modi Hang himself if Congress wins more than 40 seats: Kharge


The Congress MP attacked Modi in a recent rally with a controversial statement

Mallikarjun Kharge has struck a controversy by asking PM Modi to hang himself at Vijay Chowk if Congress gets more than 40 seats. Congress Senior Leader Kharge who came in support of Subhash Rathod for the assembly bypoll of Chincholi in Karnataka lashed at PM.

Modi will not decide the fate of Subhash Rathod and people ofChincholi

Kharge Said “Wherever Modi goes he says Congress will get less than 40 seats in Lok Sabha Elections 2019. Will Prime Minister Modi hang himself at Vijay Chowk in New Delhi, if his prediction of Congress getting less than 40 seats in Lok Sabha Election 2019 goes wrong”? He added, “It is you the people who are sitting here will decide the fate of the country and the fate of Subhash Rathod, not us and not the people who belong to BJP”.

Modi wasn’t even born when India got freedom: Kharge

He said Modi wasn’t even born when India got freedom and he continuously speaks that Congress hasn’t done anything.  He also attacked Modi saying “Modi says he comes from the backward community but he is helping only rich people.

BJP MP Shobha Karandlaje asked for an apology from the Congress leader

She said that Kharge is lying on the matter and said that the allegations are fake and he has made derogatory remarks. The BJP MP asked an apology from Kharge for his statement. She posted a tweet “Will Modi hang himself at Vijay Chowk in Delhi if @INCIndia gets more than 40seats?”-@kharge Never expected such low from a senior leader like him!, Blatant Lies, fake allegations, derogatory remarks has become common with hollow #Congress, nothing progressive! He should apologize!”

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Bypoll is scheduled for 19th May in Chincholi

Bypoll in Chincholi is scheduled for 19th May. The seat became vacant after the sitting MLA Umesh Yadav resigned from Congress and Joined BJP for Lok Sabha Election 2019. Subhash Rathod (Congress) will be up against Avinash Yadav (BJP) and the results will be declared on 23rd May along with the Lok Sabha Elections 2019

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