Wi-Fi has become the most important need of our life: Study

For lot of us Wi- Fi comes first, Wi-Fi has become the most important need of our life

According to a recent study, Wi-Fi has become the most important need of our life with 4 out of 10 persons giving it more importance than other human luxuries and necessities like sex, chocolate and alcohol.

As per psychology sex and food are essential necessities in order to live a healthy life, but now it seems that scenario has completely changed and people are more addicted to the Wi- Fi rather than any other basic necessities, though Wi-Fi has no connection with our healthy lives.

The study carried about by Wi-Fi connectivity provider iPass, surveyed 1,700 working professionals across Europe and the US about their connectivity habits. It involved asking participants to rank the importance of Wi-Fi against other “human luxuries and necessities” on a scale of 1-4, with one being most important and 4 bring least important.

Wi-Fi has become the most important need of our life
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Results were like this

Results were really shocking as Wi-Fi was labelled the most important by 40.2 percent of respondents, followed by the sex (36.6 percent), chocolate (14.3 percent) and alcohol, which was ranked as the number one daily essential by 8.9 percent of respondents.

Chief commercial officer at iPass was quoted saying, “Wi-Fi is not only the most popular method of internet connectivity, and it has surpassed many other human luxuries and necessities.” People are addicted to Wi-Fi internet connectivity as according to them it has impacted their lives in a positive manner.

Wi-Fi connections can be found almost everywhere, From PG’s to metro stations everywhere Wi- Fi facility is available. Many people believe it is the best way to attract people and to stay in touch with others. Now, students choose those hotels, which provide Wi-Fi services.

This shows that how our lives are influenced by technology. As now we not only need food, water and shelter but also Wi- Fi. It’s shocking yet it is a reality that we cannot live without Wi- Fi. We have become tech savvy, but we have actually forgotten how to lead a healthy and simple life.

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