Why you should experience trekking once in life?

Trekking has the power to change the perspective you have towards life.

Trekking is a wonderful way to explore nature’s humble abode. This recreational outdoor activity isn’t only for the physically fit or people with toned bodies, the beauty about trekking is that it’s truly an experience for everyone. The ability to explore nature while being a part of it is an extraordinary gift of trekking.

“A walk in nature walks the soul back home” -Mary Davis.

Unlike mountaineering, trekking does not require special skills, equipment, or special knowledge. In general words, trekking is walking up, down, and around the mountains on specified trails that are predominantly used by local people and villagers. Trekking through such locations allows us to experience life differently through nature’s point of view. No matter what age everyone must experience this mesmerizing opportunity once in life.

Nepal trekking tours are one of the most popular destinations and a paradise for trekkers all around the world. The Himalayas attract thousands of trekkers every year for an awe-inspiring and magical experience. The lush green nature, snow-capped mountains, cultural diversity, and the comforting lap of Mother Nature invites everyone for a nourishing and rejuvenating experience.

“I took the one less travelled by, And that has made all the difference.” -Robert Frost

Fear Elimination

Climbing up a mountain, one would realize that it’s not about competition and reaching the summit first but about conquering one’s fear and walking over them. Trekking helps you discover capabilities and strengths that had been dormant for a long time. Mental boundaries are eliminated when you face obstacles in real life and find your way through them. Trekking out in the wild, taking calculated risks and overcoming unnecessary fears help us move smoothly in life.

Cut through the Monotony of Life

Who wouldn’t want to break away from the set patterns of life and find an escape to the raw end of nature? Trekking gives a feeling of tranquility in the arms of nature. The fresh virgin air, scenic view of nature, and walk through the drastically different life zone fills us with immense happiness and pleasure. Take a break from the digital life and step into the real world. Our daily lives restrict our overall exploration and make us a robot with defined work boundaries. An occasional break will allow our mind to break through those boundaries and step into the unknown, expanding our internal and external horizon.

Elevate your fitness level

An hour of a moderate trek can burn whopping 450 calories! You won’t return home with six-pack abs or a muscular body, but an increased level of internal fitness. Fitness level is often misunderstood as having a slim and muscular body; in fact, fitness is all about stamina, health, and body strength. Trekking requires you to carry all your stuff in a backpack and make it to the top while promoting your physical capabilities.

Motivation all along the trail

For every single hour, you trek upwards and look behind at the beautiful sceneries, you feel proud of your endurance, which will boost your confidence and push you towards the next destination. Every view, breath and the step you take will inspire you to move ahead in all aspects be it trekking or life. Trekking isn’t always about the destination but the memories you gain during the trial.

Outside your comfort zone

Trekking lets you take a step outside your comfort zone and experience life without the luxury and comfort, as you would have normally. Sleeping in tents, using open toilets, and eating packaged food improve life skills and help you get rooted in nature. Trekking is an experience that lets you out of your comfort zone and still manages to make you smile. Just like a caterpillar breaks its cocoon to fly out as a confident butterfly, we need to do the same and spread our wings to fly out of our comfort zone.

Experience Mother Nature

We often put images of natural scenery on our computer screens to admire its beauty and invoke positive feelings, trekking gives you first-hand experience of the same. Hiking extra hard to get the beautiful views of nature is an extraordinary feeling. Imagine trekking up to a mountain to capture the bird’s eye view of the perfectly hemmed valley lying within laps of the majestic mountain range. Mother Nature has abundant life-changing sights to offer that would the changing way you look at our planet. No concrete buildings, roads, shops or any man-made entity will truly make you view this planet in its original form.

Open up the locked doorways of the mind

Our mind has been created to save memories and process important information but we often fill up space with unnecessary tension, anxiety, and worries. Our stressful life is a major drawback and we run out of creativity and ideas. Trekking to an isolated space helps de-clutter our thoughts using imagination and solace. The beauty of nature and the experience leaves you in a state of Zen, miles away from worries and problems.

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Trekking is a not a touristy activity but a bold challenge to one-self to get fitter, calmer, and patient. To gain a brighter and creative perspective in life one must go for a trek once and make plenty new memories that would guide through the rest of the life. Experience the healing power of nature and see the difference yourself.

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Manmohan Singh is a Yoga Teacher and a Traveler. He conducts Yoga Teacher Training in India in different cities. He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature, Himalayas and Trekking tours in India.

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