Why women should learn to be happy with their looks

With the growing emphasis on looks and body it is very common for the female gender today to feel uncomfortable about their body. And they are not to blame for this.


It is the media and the society that enhances this body shamming and makes them feel vulnerable about their
looks. But, a women should learn to be happy with her looks and here is why:

• No one has the right to tell you that you are not perfect.
• You do not have to please anyone in this world, except yourself.
• Being on the healthier side is not an issue if you are fit.
• Black is beautiful. Stop being concerned about your skin colour, you are beautiful just the way you are.
• Everyone looks different and there is beauty in this uniqueness.

So, hold your chin high and walk as if you own this place. Be happy with your looks, you are worth it.

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Harshita Bajaj

Harshita has a background in Psychology and Criminology and is currently pursuing her PhD in Criminology. She can be found reading crime thrillers (or any other book for that matter) or binge-watching shows on Netflix when she is not in hibernation.
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