Why is this #FOMO so trending these days?

All you need to know about FOMO, the word which is taking the internet by storm these days 

FOMO basically stands for  Fear Of Missing Out and it was added to the Oxford English Dictionary in the year 2013. This concept has recently gained a lot of popularity among people because of the corresponding rise of social media. Well, we must tell you, people, that FOMO is not a new concept.  Even before social media age, you were afraid of missing out, isn’t?  There is always a great deal of insecurity when your friend doesn’t invite you to a  party or when you are clueless about inside jokes.  So to deal with all these insecurities, the concept of FOMO came into the picture.

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Human beings love to live with a group

Human beings always prefer to live with a group instead of living lonely. Consistent inclusion makes people safe. Humans are designed to live in the community. Feeling of loneliness is scary. Nobody wants to experience it. Sticking together is safe. Being left out is insecure. This perception was reinforced when people got in touch with the social media. Social media has made this worse but it did not create it. Now, people have a fear of getting left out both on social media and in real life.
Say no to it

You insist yourself to be with a group!

FOMO creates a situation where you always insist yourself to be a part of the group.  If you seek to never be left out, you will always pursue friends’ gatherings, every single piece of information, all the inside jokes, etc. It becomes too much. Your energy drains, and you lose time and effort towards other projects, relationships, and work. The only thing you get from chasing an end to FOMO is a sense of instant gratification. That’s it!

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It also creates a context where your self-esteem can become based on the approval of others, which is dangerous. You will try to live your life according to other’s rules not according to your individual norm which will definitely disturb your personal life. Guys come out of this FOMO and live your life according to your own norms that will definitely help you to regain your self-confidence!

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