Why the fight was not between “Modi and Rahul” and more on “Modi or Not”


People already knew who was going to win this election

The Lok Sabha election ended and Modi wave bludgeoned the opposition yet again. This win for BJP is no surprise as even the opposition knew what was going to happen. They may have not told in public about their insecurity of losing the election.The opposition acted as if they were confident of winning the election but somewhere inside they knew that Modi’s aura can’t be pierced.

Here we will not talk about the post-win situation; here we will look at, what worked for Modi’s magic. We all were so certain about the result that we could have written this article before the results. The day last phase of election ended, every media channel started their business on exit polls. We saw 3 days of day and night exit polls coverage by all the media.  Everyone gave the majority to NDA which ultimately became true.

Exit Polls are different what is depicted now

However, if we look at the real definition of exit polls then it means that when a voter walks out from the voting booth then he is asked to write his choice of candidate on a piece of paper anonymously. What we are seeing today is different because the voters are asked to fill a detailed form for their recognition and then have their say. Exit polls were banned by EC way before.

Media played an important role in Modi’s triumph

Mainstream Media and Social Media has played a pivotal role in BJP’s triumph over opposition. Media has portrayed PM Modi as a national hero and his profiling was done in a planned way. There were more talks about his accomplishment than his failure.  The opposition was depicted as fragile and without strong leadership.

We know BJP is structurally strong and is the world’s largest biggest political party. IT Cell is equally strong for BJP which does an incredible job for them. They have penetrated their way through up to remote villages.

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Options were limited to Modi or not rather than Modi or Rahul

People were not discussing the options they had for the Prime Ministerial candidate. They were not looking at options other than Modi. The talk-point of this election was whether to vote for BJP or not. The talking point wasn’t about NDA vs any other party. The fight was to reprise PM Modi as their country’s leader or not.

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