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Why Take Meditation as New Year Resolution In 2021?

Meditation helps in improving emotional, physical, and mental health.


The new year is around the corner. Gone are the days when we had big plans like late-night parties, get-togethers, dinners, and whatnot. This year, however, New Year’s Eve would be very different. No big fireworks, no grand parties, and no socializing.


Then, how should we celebrate the new year? Well, if you too are confused about ways of celebrating the new year, we have something special for you.


We all know how 2020 was a rollercoaster ride. With hundreds of ups and downs, we finally made it to the end of 2020 safe and sound.



All that happened in 2020, has increased our expectations from 2021. People are already expecting 2021 to be full of joy. We can say 2021 already has a lot of pressure on it.


However, can we expect a joyful and peaceful year, just by sitting and thinking about it? No! we need to do something to make 2021 even more special and ecstatic.


If you are not having any plans for New Year’s Eve, join us in meditation. Let us meditate on the beginning of a prosperous new year.


Why meditate for an ecstatic beginning?


Meditation has many benefits. There is nothing that you cannot attain with meditation. The thread of bond between you and your soul changes your way of living and thinking. 


Throughout our life, we communicate with many people. But, when it comes to communicating with ourselves, we never think of doing that.


Somewhere in the worldly pleasures and materialistic things, we have forgotten to take care of our inner self. There are many benefits associated with meditation. It helps in improving emotional, physical, and mental health. 


Some ways in which meditation can help you in 2021 are:


  • You will gain a new perspective on life.
  • You will learn how to manage stress and stressful situations.
  • As you meditate, you become more aware of yourself and your body.
  • Negative thoughts and emotions are reduced.
  • The power of thoughts is improved tremendously. Your meditation and creativity are enhanced.


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  • Moreover, if you experience problems like anxiety or depression, meditation can help you control them.
  • Your attention and awareness are improved through meditation.
  • Meditation has a colossal positive impact on your relationships.
  • Health problems like blood pressure and diabetes and their side effects are reduced.


Why meditate in 2021?


The year 2020 had been continuous up and down ride. In many situations during this year, we realized how important it is to take care of our health.

With pandemic, quarantine, and lockdown, our mental health suffered a lot. We realized the importance of good mental health. In today’s time, we have a very busy life. 


From getting up at 7 to coming home at 8, we have somewhere, forgotten to take care of our mental health. Thoughts, emotions, fears run through our minds 24 hours.


Meditation is an exercise that relaxes your mind. Even if you meditate for 10 minutes, those 10 minutes are enough to keep you content for the next 24 hours. 


2021 is going to bring lots of hope for everyone. Everyone is waiting that this new year will bring a new way of living with it. However, we cannot just wait for it to be a great year, we need to make arrangements for that.


Final Takeaway


Why not start this new year with meditation? Let us connect with God for some time. Let us fill our mind and soul with the power of almighty by meditation.




Let us come together and pray for the well-being of the whole world. Meditation will spread blessings, power, and health into the entire planet. We can come together and wish for peace and good health for the entire world.


You can connect with sister BK Shivani for a guided group meditation. Participate from your home. When we all will come together, our vibrational frequencies will be increased manifold and will radiate throughout the planet.


From 31st January 2020 at 10:00 pm, to 1st January 2021 at 7:00 am, a meditation for New Year is being conducted for everyone. You can join as and when you wish from your homes.


Let us come together to meditate to invoke and invite a very beautiful and high-vibrational 2021.


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