Watch: Why someone Commits Suicide? Deepika Padukone raises important questions 

Deepika Padukone’s recent video on Instagram is something you shouldn’t miss!


Sushant Singh Rajput’s untimely demise has shaken the entire nation. Suddenly everybody is talking about mental health. People have woken up and are addressing the need to talk about mental illness. But, is talking about it enough? Why every time anything big has to happen to give people a wake up call? Not only Sushant’s fans,  B- town celebrities are also not able to accept that he has gone forever. It’s almost two weeks, but celebs are still posting good memories with him on social media. Clearly, not able to forget the incident. Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone has once again decided to address the issue which often remains unaddressed ‘Importance of Mental Health’. She recently did a video Why people commit suicide, and you shouldn’t miss it.


Why? Why? -The answer could vary

Deepika Padukone was the first celeb to talk about mental health openly. She went on to found a platform called Live, Love and Laugh to break the stigma around mental health. After Sushant’s demise, she didn’t directly post anything but her recent posts talks about how important it is to address mental illness. Asking how someone like him can die by suicide is like asking how someone can die by a heart attack?

The video explains – Mental illness should be treated as common as other health issues. You can have everything, success, money and fame can still suffer from diabetes. Similarly, success and fame are not protectors. You can have it all and still can suffer from mental illness. Dr. Shyam Bhatt answered questions in the simplest way and tried to explain how a brain works.

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He pointed out a very important issue -It is not necessary that everyone who commits suicide suffers from mental illness. The thought could be a result of any recent incident and could fade away if someone extends a helping hand during that few couple of minutes. In India, suicide is the leading cause of death between 15 -39. Suicide is claiming young lives. According to a study by NCRB, every hour one student commits or attempts suicide which means 28 lives everyday. The discussion also talked about the temperament of a person. People who are sensitive and vulnerable get impacted more than others. They are probably at more risk than others.

Helping hand

When to intervene?

They went on to explain that it is important to intervene at the very first stage, especially for the family. Dr. Shyam talked about symptoms that a person could show. He said some do not talk about it, but some do. For example: The person at risk can say – How amazing it will be if all my problems come to an end. They will probably start giving away their possessions. He emphasized the importance of noticing symptoms.

Sometimes it is important to intervene and take control of the situation. By talking to that person openly. Else, things could become worse. Wrapping up the session, Deepika asked what one should do if they are experiencing some sort of mental illness or someone around them?


When to seek professional help?

To which Dr. Soumitra Pathare said, “It should be treated as simple as the flu. You can treat it at home and if you get better that’s good! But if it doesn’t then you need to see a doctor. Similarly, talking to friends and family and venting out emotions can help a lot of people but if it doesn’t work then reaching out to a professional is important. ”

Let’s be sympathetic towards each other and stop judging others. You never know what the other person is going through. 

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