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Why Single Women Tribe in India is rising? Decoding Reasons

Single Women Tribe in India is rising: Kyunki they Feel Happy & it’s completely their choice!

According to Indian society, one should find a suitable match and start a family at a certain age. Even after a lot of modernization our so-called progressive society stigmatize single women. They are often perceived as sad and lonely. But wait! That’s really not the case.  Women in India are choosing to stay single and Single women tribe in India is rising. As per the census of 2011, the number of single women in the country registered a 39percent hike between 2001- 2011- from 51.2 million to 71.4 (The figure includes unmarried, divorced and widows) million. These figures are a decade ago, we are sure the numbers would have gone up in the recent years as well.

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India currently has the highest number of single women in its history which is 74.1 million (Single – divorced, Separated, widowed, never married). This is the 12 per cent of the female population and you will be shocked to know out of this 12.3 million women were never married. And this number is only growing, not only in India but globally too.  Now, there are various reasons why women are choosing to stay single though we know it is not an easy choice in India.

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Let us take a look at reasons:

It brings focus in their life

According to a survey, a lot of women said that they chose to stay single because it keeps them focused. They get a lot of time to work on their dreams and ambitions. Today, a lot of young women choose to stay single because they feel empowered.

Singlehood helps them to prioritize themselves

A lot of women said that singlehood helps them to prioritize themselves. They work more on their health and fitness. Not being in a relationship helps them take up their hobbies frequently.

Some are scared to lose their independence

Many women also revealed that marriage can cost them their independence & they just don’t want to lose their independence. They want a partner who can understand their dreams and aspirations.

They don’t want to rush & get into a wrong relationship

After a certain age, women are often asked couldn’t you find someone? When will you settle down? But young women say that they aren’t scared of such questions. In a rush to get settled down they don’t want to get into a wrong relationship.

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Why Single Women in India are shamed?

In India, girls are fed with an idea that one day they have to get married take someone else’s Khandan forward. After a certain age million question “ Shaadi Kab Karogi” pops ups in every family function you go, right?  Single women in India are often shamed and are constantly judged for their choice. They are often made to realize how lonely and sad their life is even if it is not. The constant pressure from the society to find the right partner a lot of times lead to wrong decisions.

What you should keep in mind?

It is perfectly fine to enjoy your company and choose to stay single. Of course, nagging questions from your oh –so – close relatives can irritate you. But remember marriage is a commitment. You should say yes to someone when you are 100 percent sure and willing to give full efforts to your relationship. Also, you should be clear in your mind about the expectations from your partner. What exactly you are looking for? Do not marry just for the sake of getting married.  Last but least, settling down doesn’t mean Marriage! If you can pay your own bills, then you are already settled, my friend!

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