Why reading Bond after so long was a delight


Ruskin Bond has constituted a major part of a lot of young children. From his short stories to novels, he has been a common name for people around the world (more so in India).

So, when I was gifted his latest ‘Upon an old wall dreaming ‘ I was moved beyond words and the child in me couldn’t control its excitement.

It was only on finishing the book that I realized how different Bond was from the writers I have lately been reading. Bond has a simplistic beauty about his writing, something very few writers can claim to have.


His description of the nature is so vivid that one can imagine the exact picture he tries to paint. His stories (both fiction and non-fiction) have a sense of fulfillment and contentment that makes the readers smile.

Reading Bond after so long was one of the most refreshing and satisfying experience. It made me realize that in our fast paced metropolitan, complex lives we need a sense of slowness that helps us maintain our sanity.
Ruskin Bond is one writer who we need in our lives and who we need to read often to feel good.

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