Jitu bhaiya’ simple yet delightful humour in ‘Panchayat’ makes it a must watch

After Kota Factory, Jeetu bhaiya is back with a BANG!

Amazon prime video and TVF original, Panchayat captures the humour and social relevance and brings a hue of laughter, concern and happiness with iconic characters. Panchayat will get you to see the real India, the rural India. After the release of this show, Jitu bhaiya became the talk of the town. The new show, Panchayat teaches us why rural India is possibly more equipped to handle isolation compared to its urban counterparts. The release of this show is just like a blessing in disguise as most of us are confused about how to spend the day during this lockdown.

Why ‘PANCHAYAT’ is a must-watch?

Panchayat, an eight-episode web series written by Chandan Kumar and directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra shows simplicity. It shows the story of every average Engineering graduate. Abhishek’s failures in life stare right into him every night as his friends decide on the easiest route to Connaught Place while he deals with power cuts and lauki. The theme of unemployment is discussed largely, as youths with graduate degrees take up meager jobs in fear of not taking a drop year. Caste and patriarchy are also largely discussed but shown subtly. The omnipresence of patriarchy is well evident from the very first episode as the female Pradhan is left to perform household chores while the Pradhan-pati takes over the administration.

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Panchayat is a man- driven show. Women never come to the forefront. This show is a must-watch because it clearly shows the scenario of rural India, which, we living in the urban area with all the luxuries are unaware of it. It also shows how patriarchy and caste systems are so prevalent even in the 21st century. However, Panchayat might start off on a boring note and make you ask yourself “that’s it?” It is a warm show that shows a difference in opinion of a city boy stuck in a rural India. It encapsulated a feeling of warmth and togetherness one rarely finds in the urban space.

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