Why Netflix’s ‘The Great Hack’ is a must-watch if you are a frequent Social Media user

The Great Hack is based on the scandal of Cambridge Analytica and its impact on Brexit and 2016 US Elections.

Data Privacy is the calling cry for people in the present world of Social Media where we have kept our other-self. From likes-dislikes to what we are eating, we share everything on Social Media. The worsening problem of privacy policy has now started to affect the future of countries. ‘The Great Hack’ is a documentary which opens up about the scandal of Cambridge Analytica and its impact on Brexit and 2016 US Elections.

We all know, whatever we put on Social media is being used by third-party companies like Cambridge Analytica to influence our decisions. They show you those kinds of posts and advertisements which will influence your decision or change your perspective of a certain thing. But we never care or take it seriously it seriously.

“The Great Hack’ is a mind-opening film which has spoken everything about the data breach by CA

 “The Great Hack’ is a mind-opening film which has spoken about how people were manipulated through the digital data in Brexit campaign and 2016 US Elections.  It is centred around David Carroll who demands to know how much data points have been collected by Cambridge Analytica, Brittany Kaiser, a whistleblower, and a Guardian Journalist “ Carole Cadwalladr” who broke the Cambridge Analytica story.

Mark Zuckerberg testimonials and Alexander Mix’s victim-card video clip is worth watching

The movie portrays Cambridge Analytica as the main forefront for data gathering and behavioural change. EU hearing of CEO of CA Alexander Nix and testimonials of Mark Zuckerberg will give a reality check of how they tackle the senators.

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The tense narrative of the documentary is well researched and will blow your mind how deep the data breach goes.  It is a must-watch for its informative content, its great direction and step-by-step explanation of the scandal.  However, no solution has been delivered from the film.

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