Why men should not skip leg day at the Gym?

Know the benefits of training your legs at least once a week


More often than not, we train our legs on Saturday. It, being a weekend, sometimes men miss the leg-day due to weekend plans. Well, skipping leg day could be one of the dumbest mistakes, you are doing. It is very important to train your legs as it has several benefits. But if you think you just need strong upper body muscles and are ignoring the leg exercises, you should know that you are making a huge mistake.

Search the phrase “Friends don’t let friends skip leg day” on google images and you would know why you should not skip it. Your upper body will look like Hrithik Roshan, while the lower body will remain thin and weak. Trust us, you will look ridiculous. Don’t believe us! Watch these images.







If these graphics were not enough, read these important points on why you should not skip the leg day at the gym.


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It burns higher calorie

Leg workouts are intense and hence they offer a lot of calorie burns. Legs have bigger muscles, so they produce more significant returns in regards to increased heart rate and fat burn. A leg workout requires the greatest amount of work from your brain and heart. This increases metabolism, therefore increasing the calorie burn both after and during the workout. So skipping the leg day means that you might get the returns you are looking for whether or not your goal is weight loss.


Run longer and faster

Some believe that running is the only way to increase endurance and speed, but they are wrong. If you train your legs at least once a week, however, we would recommend twice a week, you can become a better runner. A study has shown that runners who strength-train their leg muscles have more left in the tank for the final sprint.


It increases Athletic Performance

Almost every physical sport requires leg strength, whether you play cricket, football, or badminton. Leg strength increases your overall performance and allows you to jump higher, run faster and generate explosive power when you need it the most.


Increased Range of Motion

There is a belief that weight training and larger muscles do not help with flexibility. But it is a wrong theory. Mobile joints are required to maximize the power for pro athletes, be it elite Cross-fit athletes or Olympic weightlifters. Even if you are not a pro athlete, exercises such as deadlifts, lunges and squats will improve your range of motion. Once you safely master the movements, increasing the weight will improve flexibility and muscle gains.


Reduce Lower Back Pain

Most of our work requires us to sit at a desk all day and we know that sitting at a desk has negative health effects. One common effect is lower back pain. Increasing strength in your legs apart from hips, abs and back can reduce the risk of back pain. Some believe that stretching only will solve this problem, but they are wrong. Not skipping the leg day can help you reduce your back pain.


Extra Strength for Everyday Tasks

Even though you are not a pro athlete or a sports enthusiast, training legs can still benefit you in everyday-tasks. Carrying a cylinder, moving furniture, carrying in groceries becomes easier if you have strong legs. You will feel like a superhero in your daily tasks if you keep up the leg routine.


It increases testosterone level

Experts have opined that leg workouts help in increasing the testosterone level in the males. It means it will help you in better bone density, facial and body hair, fat distribution, muscle strength and mass, sex drive and sperm production. If you constantly complain about less facial hair, don’t skip the very important leg day.


Improved Balance

If you have strong and big upper body muscles and do not have a strong leg, you might look unattractive. A proper balance is required to give you an attractive look. When large upper body muscle is paired with strong core muscles and leg muscles, it increases balance significantly. Training legs will give you balance and stability you need for anything that life throws at you.


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