Why love at first sight is possible for only few people?

Here is why love at first sight is possible for only few people

We are all familiar with love at first sight or at least with the idea of it. But very few of us get the opportunity to fall in love at the first sight. Can two people who have never before even said hello to one another can fall for each other? Is it possible? Well, there are different opinions on it.

Love grows with the passage of time and this feeling cannot be felt automatically. Love at first sight is a quite exciting feeling. But how does it happen? How two strangers can become so important for each other.

Love at first sight
Love at first sight

What is love at first sight ?

Most of the people understand love at first sight instantaneously falling in love with a stranger upon seeing them for first time. First of all, love at first sight is not easy to explain. Some people deny that it is possible claiming it is merely a sexual attraction.
While one of the main arguments is that we cannot simply look at a person and know their characteristics that assumption is incorrect. In fact we as humans do this all the time.

How to know if its love at first sight?

Love VS attraction
Love VS attraction

(How to know love at first sight)

So if you have fallen for a person after meeting him or her for the first time. How you will get to know that its love at first time?

  • You get just butterflies in your stomach, just seeing them.
  • You cannot stop thinking about them
  • Romantic idea trump logic. Who cares about risk and reality
  • The idea of being with them seems like a great adventure
  • You can picture your lives together
  • The attraction is real
  • You want to know everything about them

Last but not least, follow your gut:

Love is out there and its achievable but don’t try to make something work just because eye contact made you all tingly inside. So, follow you gut before you say yes to someone.

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