Why it’s important to give yourself ‘Personal Space’

Importance of Personal Space

Life is a stage where we need to perform​ different roles. We spend most of our daily lives with other people, being mother or father, sister or brother, friend or neighbour, wife or husband, employee or colleague.

Me Time
Me Time

The entire day is filled with different responsibilities and duties, and it is getting harder to find time for yourself. We forget about ourselves. In order to enjoy life it’s important to bond with yourself, it’s important to give yourself a time. Spending time with yourself, noticing your best parts and weaknesses is a chance to see the light within and around, to move forward to what you really want.

Here, are some handy solutions to know yourself better and why it’s important to say ‘no’ to others and ‘yes’ to yourself :

1. Immediately separate yourself from daily rush
Life is full of emergencies. But sometimes just forget all the rush you have. Being alone and doing something for yourself is a great way to stop the daily rush. No matter what it is—having a nice cup of coffee, having a long walk in woods, sitting on the bench in a park and looking at the sun, fishing, cooking—whatever makes you feel happy and smile. Just pamper yourself

2. Mind relaxation
Well, it is very important to calm down your mind. This can be easily achieve by yoga and asans. Your mind is always busy with duties, responsibilities and worries. You stress about being on time, what to cook for dinner, planning your next trip, or gives you need to buy. The list is endless. So, it’s important to convince your mind that everything will be finish on time. Just calm down your mind.

3. Set new goals and think how to achieve them
During your alone time, you can think about your dreams, set up new goals, see what you really want in your life and make a plan with clear steps to achieve them.

Balance is important
Balance is important

4. Know your true feelings
Majority of us are unaware about our true feelings. Wearing different kinds of masks is like hiding your true being and not being honest to yourself and others. When you are alone, you can notice your true feelings—exhaustion, tiredness, stress, insecurity, happiness—whatever it is, it is good to know them to be able to change within. You can actually change them if you don’t like them.

5. Listen to your internal voice
When your mind is calm, when there is no rush, you can hear your inner voice. You have time to listen to yourself, to discover your dreams, to believe in yourself and focus on your beauty. Try to understand what your inner voice is saying to you.

6. Connect with nature
Beauty lives in nature. Spending time in nature, receiving and enjoying the harmony, tranquility and oneness of it, you fill yourself with pure energies. It helps you to balance your feelings and it cleanses your thoughts. Nature heals you.

7. Love yourself
Before loving others love yourself. Giving yourself some alone time is the best way of loving yourself. Love within creates more love outside you and gives you what you want in the best way possible.

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