Why it is important to support independent journalism?

Independent Journalism ensures that no-voices goes unheard and the govt is accountable for its policies

There should be no doubts that currently the world media including Indian media is going through a crisis. More and more of propaganda, indirect advertising, direct advertising, sensationalization, communalization is making way into the mainstream media. Daily newspapers lack a sustainable business model. Investigative journalism is the most hit and cutbacks in newsrooms are a routine now. Independent media is the only hope we have at the time of media crisis. But the biggest problem with independent media is the revenue generation.

What is Independent journalism and why it is necessary?

Independent Journalism helps the media house to help the citizen understand society’s problems, hindrances and develop meaningful solutions. It includes investigative journalism which is critical to increasing public engagement and awareness. It also becomes the voice of people who are under-represented in mainstream media.

You would also agree that there is a desperate need to tell some stories because mainstream media’s support is in decline. This in result has made many voices go unheard and issues go under-reported. Support for community-based journalism brings important issues into the limelight in a way that it creates a dialogue between citizens and authority and bring real change.

Why should you support Independent journalism?

Journalists are dependent upon the salaries from their media houses and media houses are dependent either upon advertisements or on state funds. Both ways, media houses have to somehow compromise with the content to suit well with the target audience of advertiser or funder.

But when there is community-based journalism, where the media houses run on the funds provided by the general public, then they have the freedom to publish or broadcast anything in the public interest.

What should we do as a citizen to support Independent journalism?

In India, there are very few media houses who are dependent on public funds for their survival. We don’t have that culture in our country. But gradually we need to make a change by supporting small media companies and startups which shows ethical and independent journalism. This could be done in two ways, either you can pay them on the recurring basis as per your convenience or you could do a one-time donation.

It is as simple as paying for Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hotstar. We pay some money to them for the subscription and in return watch amazing shows and movies. Similarly, we should directly contribute to the media houses, not via a DTH company to bring more transparency and accountability in the journalism industry.

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