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Why is the water tasting so weird?’, Afsana Khan Drinks Oil By Mistake

Know little more about Afsana Khan and what strategy she had opted for her journey in Bigg Boss

A house filled with emotion, drama, and entertainment is known as Bigg Boss 15. Moreover, among the 13 jungalwasis, one of the contestants who is an interesting character is Afsana Khan. The magic mirror had shown traits of a Monkey in her.

When Afsana entered the BB15 house, most of the people did not know who Afsana Khan was. Therefore, with some of the BB updates, we will know little more about Afsana Khan and what strategy she had opted for in her journey in Bigg Boss.

Who is Afsana Khan? 

The Punjabi entertainment industry is very popular across the globe. In addition, their presence in Bigg Boss gives some extra points to their popularity. Afsana Khan is from the same industry. She is a popular Punjabi singer, actress, and songwriter. Her popular number includes Jaani ve Jaani, Tera Pyar, Mahi Mileya, and many more. But her popularity skyrocketed after the Yaar Mera Titliya Vargah song which has crossed over 727 million views on YouTube.

Afsana’s grandparents, father, brothers, sisters, and the rest members are singers. So, we can say that singing is in Khan’s blood. She commenced her career at Voice of Punjab, a singing reality show. She was in the top 5 but could not win the show. However, this did not impact her popularity, and she received playback singing offers from the entertainment industry of Punjab. She was part of the singing show Rising Star.

Afsana ka Afsana

As it is always said, either controversy makes a person popular, or a popular person sometimes becomes a controversial figure. In the year 2020, Afsana was alleged for promoting violence amongst school children. She posted a video on TikTok where Afsana is encouraging children to sing a song whose lyrics include violence and the use of weapons.

Before entering in the Bigg Boss house she has revealed that her marriage with her fiancée Saajz, who is also a Punjabi singer and actor was in November but she wanted to be a part of Bigg Boss 15.

Bb Updates

In the Bigg Boss house, Afsana received a lot of pampering from the junglewasis but nowadays she locked horns with many other fellow contestants. Consequently, Miesha and Ieshaan nominated Afsana for eviction this week. To this Khan responded, “I do not want to win Bigg Boss, I am here to win love from the masses. Even if I win the trophy, I will hand it back to Bigg Boss. And will be the first contestant to do so”.

BB contestants are facing a lot of difficulty in dealing with Afsana’s badass attitude. Karan Kundra is also on the list. He pointed out that Afsana raised a question on Shamita’s achievement in her 25-year career.

At the beginning of the show, she received great support from Vishal Kothian also. But, in the nomination task, Khan nominated Vishal as according to her, Kothian manipulated her a lot.

Why is the water tasting so weird?”

In the recent task, Jungle Mein Khunkhar dangal, the house was again divided into Jungle Waasis and Gharwaasis. As per the strategy, Shamita Shetty blocked Afsana, from Bawarchi Group, from entering the Jungle from the main house. Meanwhile, Afsana became thirsty and drank oil instead of water.

This task was filled with lots of excitement, enthusiasm, and some wounds too. As Pratik was chasing Afsana to stick a sticker on her, she fell on the ground very hard. She hurt herself badly and demanded ice from Bigg Boss.

Bigg Boss 15: From Pratik’s fight with Jay

What do you think about Afsana Khan? Do you think she had a long journey in Bigg Boss 15? Tell us your opinions in the comment section and let us know who is your favourite BB contestant this season.

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