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Why is the Clubhouse app getting famous?

How is the Clubhouse app receiving popularity?

There are many social media platforms available in today’s time. Out of which there are popular social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. Ever since Elon Musk discussed the Clubhouse App from his Twitter official page, the curiosity to know about this application has increased a lot among people. In today’s time, Clubhouse App is one such application that is going viral among people very fast. And everyone wants to know about the Clubhouse App. Due to the increasing popularity of Clubhouse, many brands are also taking to this platform to increase their community. That way, they can use it for their marketing strategy. The co-founders of this app are Rohan Seth and Paul Davison. On January 21, its investors told that the value of this app is more than 1 billion dollars.

What is a Clubhouse App?

Clubhouse App is an audio chatting social media platform. This application is completely different from other social media platforms. Clubhouse App is a very simple voice chatting social media platform. In this application, you do not get an option to share text messages, photos, videos. After you log in to Clubhouse, you can follow any club, person or any particular topic. You can enter any open room. You can hear what is being discussed there. You can follow friends or topics you like. This is the reason why the Clubhouse App is totally different from other social media platforms. A lot of attention has been paid to everyone’s privacy in this application.

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How is the Clubhouse App different from other social media platforms?

The biggest feature of the Clubhouse App is that if you have created a chat room here, you can only invite people to that chat room. And if they need to ask you some questions then there is a ‘raise hand’ feature in this application, with the help of which other users can ask you their questions. The biggest feature of the Clubhouse App is that you cannot just join this application on your own unless another Clubhouse App member will invite you to this application.

How will Clubhouse App be able to compete with other social media platforms?

It has been said by the developer of the Clubhouse App that they have been giving a lot of attention to people’s data security in this application. In this application, the user’s data privacy is fully guaranteed that their data is secure. And everyone’s personal data will not be shared anywhere else.

Is Clubhouse App safe?

This app is very safe for everyone because it does not steal any of anyone’s personal data. It keeps a person’s details safe. No person can remove your data from this app without your consent. If you forget your password, then you will have difficulty getting access to your own data.

Clubhouse Audio social media app has carved a niche among users across the globe. In this way, there are several million active users on Clubhouse right now, including many big names like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg etc.

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