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Why is making a change bad idea?

Not everything can be changed so you shouldn’t try to control everything!

Watching people in the metros talking about politics, system, society is not surprisingly uncommon. We see people talking about their favorite topics or even on the topics they have no interest at all. We all have our own views, prospective and thoughts for everything, and many of us don’t like things as they are.

Let’s be honest to ourselves, we don’t have any control over everything happening around us. All the things, people, society and the world is going to be the way they want. We can’t change the structure of the society, people’s mentality or thoughts and that’s for sure. Stop trying so hard to control the situation and every single being, stop opposing what is being done, stop criticizing things are not in your hand, neither your criticism nor your hate going to work for making a change. Everything that grows has its own unique way, time and pace. Trying to force someone or something to change will only disappoint you. So, for the sake of your own happiness and growth, stop trying to make a change. Instead, work on self-development and self-growth.

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Try to work for a cause rather than working for the change, write your own blog, articles, and ideas, spread them across social media. Meet people of your interests, join NGOs, clubs, groups or create one. Share your ideas with people with the same interests, work with them, help society to grow, bring the difference not by changing the people but working for a cause. You simply can’t change someone by arguing or creating conflicts in your brain. Focus on only those things you have control over, don’t mess with stubborn, don’t argue, don’t create clashes or disagreements, this is not gonna work and you’ll have to pay a cost for it, the cost of your own mental peace and overall health.

So, don’t work on things which make you vulnerable, instead work on self-development and happiness. Work for a cause, work on your health, meet those people who make you feel up and positive.

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