Why is it important to teach your child difference between Need and Want?

Here is why you should teach your child the difference between Need and want at an early age

Children have the tendency of asking a lot of questions and sometimes it becomes really difficult for us to answer all of their questions. In the era of technology, where everything becomes available to them in just one click, it has become difficult for them to understand the basic difference between Need and Want.

Today, our children are obsessed of instant gratification and the moment we say no to them, they become furious. We as parents think it is alright to fulfill their all demands. It may make them happy for a moment, but they will surely not be able to act responsibly once they will grow up. No matter how much or how little we have, everyone wrestles with this issue that is why it is really important for our children to have a realistic perspective of Needs and wants.

If they will understand the difference between Need and want then every time you will not require a reason for saying no to them. They will also not compare others with them, and it will also help them to make better choices.

Why is it important to teach your child difference between Need and Want?
Need or want? What will you choose?

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Why there is a need to understand ‘want’ better?

  • Need is something you have to have.
  • Want is something that you would like to have.

Now basically you have to make your child understand that sometimes it will be difficult to make choices, but want for something can leave you unhappy. So it is important to know that what is more important for survival, chapatti or a chocolate cake.

Appreciate things you have

Teach them to appreciate things they have. And once they will become better in differentiating between need and want, they will be able to fulfill more of their wants. If they will differentiate between need and want, then they will value money more. Giving them expensive phone is not enough, give them your precious time, and help them to become a better human being.

There is nothing wrong in fulfilling demands of children, but it is really important to guide our children for the betterment of their future.

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