Why is France a top-notch travel destination for tourists?

France a top-notch travel destination
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How does France attract 80 million tourists annually, here is why you should  plan a trip ASAP

The home of more than 67 million (67, 092, 056) people, France is holding its own unparalleled identity in the world. Whenever it comes to art, culture, literature, music, philosophy, history, travel, great monuments, and buildings, food, fashion, museums, sports, technology, or economy, France is always referred to as one of the greatest nations in the world. France is a top-notch travel destination for tourists, and here is why should plan a trip asap.

Being one of the oldest countries and cultures to world power, France has always shown its strength. Although France had to suffer from a great economic loss after the World Wars, it has emerged as one of the greatest countries in present. France is amongst the world’s largest economies with a $2.761 trillion GDP, listing it 7th in the world and 3rd in Europe followed by Germany and the UK.

And what’s another thing that makes France astonishing is, the number of tourists it attracts globally. France holds a record for the highest number of visitors which goes beyond 80 million, the highest by any country on the Earth. What makes France so great and eminent country has a long list, but what makes France the most beloved travel destination is quite rational. Let’s show you the things that attract the highest tourists to this beautiful country:

The fun facts about France tourism 

How much a country can contribute to its economy by inviting tourists? To calculate and answer the question let’s show you some fun facts about France tourism. France attracts more than 80 million tourists annually highest by any country on the planet. In the year 2013, 85.7 million people visited France, making it the most beloved and popular travel destination in the world. France falls fifth in the world’s list of tourist destinations by revenue, followed by the UK, US, China, and Spain. Moreover, France has 37 UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the total.

France tourism contributes 77.7 billion euros to GDP, from which 30% comes from international tourists. France tourism supports around 3 million jobs and makes a total of 9.7% of GDP. Notre-Dame de Paris attracts the most visitors, more than 13 million and Effie Tower attracts nearly 6 million visitors annually.

Reasons why France is a top-notch travel destination

What do you seek for before planning to travel to other countries or cities within your own nation? Everyone opines differently, but the majority stays with few things and the common things when it comes to travel are safety, cleanliness and fewer crime stats. The other things that people consider are exotic locations, a rich history, adventure, food, culture and sometimes business. France gives you the taste of all the things that are mentioned.

From the world’s largest art museum, The Louver to exotic Alps mountain range, France shows a wide diversity and a mix of nature, art, and modernization. France has a variety of Sun, Sea, Mountains, Beaches, Museums, Countrysides, buildings and monuments. The list that makes France the favourite travel destination is whooping, and that’s what makes it the top country for travellers. Here is the classified jargon that makes France the most visited country on the planet.

Places to visit

Alps: Undoubtedly the Alps ranges that are one of the most exotic locations in France. Mont Blanc in the French Alps gives a spectacle and never forget the view. This European’s highest peak shares its border with Italy and it is a wonderful point to enjoy skiing, hiking, rock climbing, and having delicious meals in the ‘white heaven’.
Châteaux of the Loire Valley: This renaissance is linked with the history of kings and successors on French land. Châteaux is preserved by UNESCO and attracts the most visitors than any French destination. 
Bordeaux: This French city is best known for its wine fair, Vinexpo. Bordeaux produces world-class wines and has a history of producing wines since the 8th century. It has the second-highest number of preserved historical buildings after Paris, and the historical region has been protected by the UNESCO.
Lyon: City that invented the cinematograph, Lyon is one of the most crowded French city which is famous for its cuisine and architectural landmarks. You can enjoy its light festival ‘fete des Lumiere’ which is celebrated every year on 8 December.
Provence: Not only cities but people love visiting French countrysides too. Provence is listed amongst the best countryside in France. It has beauteous sunflower and lavender fields to explore.
The Alsace Region: Alsace shows you a completely different sight from the rest of France. It has some admiring and sheen villages, rivers, streets, old Churches and traditional architectural houses.
French Riviera: Also considered as Côte d’Azur, is a must-visit coastline in France. French Riviera has a lot of stuff to do and numerous places to visit, from Saint-Tropez to Monaco it has everything for everyone.
Eiffel Tower: Built-in 1889, this 320-meters long tower attracts nearly 6 million people annually. Eiffel tower is an iconic landmark and one of the favorite and loved destination for tourists and most-visited paid monument in the world. The best thing about Eiffel tower is, you can dine at the top of it at the height of 276 meters and have the scenic view of the ‘City of Light’.
Disneyland: If you feel it is of babies and kids, think twice. In the year 2018, 15,141,000 attendance was counted by Disneyland Paris, making it one of the major tourist attractions. Disneyland Paris was built 27 years ago in 1992, and since then, it has been visited by about 350 million people.

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Food and Culture 

Although France has a long list of iconic landmarks, beautiful beaches, charismatic Mountains and frabjous towns, not listing the food and culture would be unjust to its prologue. If you’re planning to visit France for the first time, be ready for mouth-watering and ‘délicieux’ food to be served and an amusing glimpse of French carnivals.

Few dishes may sound ridicule and give you a pause like Escargot (snails) which is served in the shells with garlic and butter, Boudin Noir which is a blood sausage contains pig blood. But, there are varied dishes that will tempt your tongue. The French cuisine offers you Croque monsieur which is a ham and cheese sandwich, French macaroon a confection, éclair which is cream-filled pastry topped with iced chocolate and the list goes on, and don’t forget to taste the wines and take some to your home too.

Other things that you can enjoy are the festivals and carnivals that French cities celebrate in their own style. The most enjoyable carnivals are Carnival of Dunkirk, Carnival of Nice, Carnival of Albi, Carnival of Annecy and Granville Carnival

How France manages to hold the record of welcoming the highest numbers of visitors is, it never disappoints its tourists. It has everything for everyone. People enjoy dining at the top of Eiffel Tower, skiing in the Alps, delicious food, carnivals, nature, history, art, and just everything. If you are planning your next trip to France, make sure you learn a bit of the French language too, as French people are in so love with their language and love to be greeted in their own style. 

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