Why is #antinationalbollywood trending on Twitter? Is the international activism increasing pressure on B’Town to speak up?

#antinationalbollywoodTrends on Twitter

0The central government launched a new campaign on tweets made by prominent foreign personalities on the ongoing peasant movement in India. The campaign, which happens to be trending with the hashtags – #IndiaAgainstPropaganda and #IndiaTogether have had the contributions of major celebrities of the country including film stars and cricketers. The agitations started with an Internationally renowned celeb, Rihanna, and then the Swedish environment activist, Greeta Thurnberg commented about the farmer’s agitation in India. With Indian Celebs sharing tweets with #IndiaTogether and # #IndiaAgainstPropaganda, masses pulled up the #ShameOnBollywood and #AntinationalBollywood for the ones who are not supporting the farmers.

Tweets on #IndiaAgainstPropaganda

As a result of this, the trend of Shame On Bollywood and Anti-national Bollywood is happening on social media on Wednesday. People are listening to their favorite stars only. People are with this notion that when it came to supporting the farmers, no celeb supported them. All are considered to be the pawn of the government. Now when the government has said, everyone is tweeting.

Here are the popular and memefide tweets on #antinationalbollywood

Well, agree or disagree, the coming up of International faces speaking about the farm protests has now put some pressure on the Indian Celebs to speak up and well, the question is to see what they speak up for.

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