Why Indian team needs a new coach

New Coach
Ravi Shastri with Virat Kohli

New coach is needed because we want to win T20 World Cup 2020

When the ODI World Cup 2019 started India was one of the strongest contenders of the title, but they couldn’t go beyond semifinal.  Indian has one of the best infrastructures in cricket and there is no lack of capitals. India failing and not reaching into finals is the failure of players and coaching staffs which calls for the changes (new coach) so that we can’t keep losing matches when it really counts. Men in blue lostT20 World Cup in finals in Sri Lanka, lost to Australia in semifinals in 2015 World Cup, lost to Pakistan in 2017 Champions Trophy and recently lost to New Zealand in World Cup semifinal.

There must be something terribly wrong, losing knockout matches repeatedly

India failing in knockout matches time and again is not random; there must be a pattern which indicates that something is terribly wrong with the team. Being rich with everything that this game requires, be it talent, skills, infrastructure or capital we have everything but failing consistently requires serious scrutiny. Till when our captain would be defending themselves with excuses like “It was not our day”.  Cricket fans give everything to the game, they don’t just love the game they actually live it. “It was not our day” doesn’t help out tears which fells after the death of hopes.  Our Administrators need to take some strong calls, however hard they are?

The need of the hour is the new coach. It happened with Kumble, it should happen to Shastri

Anil Kumble was asked to step down after the loss in Champions Trophy, now it’s time to get rid of our main coach Ravi Shastri. If it is said that we reached semifinals and India played good cricket. But where is the trophy? Every Cricket fan knows that India could have made into semifinals with any coaching staff, but taking the team beyond the semifinal was the main task where the present staff failed.

If decisions taken were decent enough during the World Cup we would not have asked for a new coach. Poor decisions like not playing with Mohammad Shami even though he took 14 wickets in 4 matches, MS Dhoni coming below Dinesh Karthik and Hardik Pandya when the team needed someone like Dhoni who could have held one end, consistent changes on number 4 since 2 years  have not helped the cause of retaining the coach.

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Coach is present not only to help the players with their techniques but also maintain a healthy environment in the team. The coach has failed miserably there too. The rift between Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma for the captaincy of the team is doing rounds recently.

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