#ShaadiSeasonSpecial: Why Indian Brides Love Chooda?

Why Indian Brides Love Chooda

Shaadi Season Special: Why Chooda is the most auspicious accessory?

Well, the shaadi aka wedding season is officially on now. Weddings in India are just like a festival.  Indian weddings are famous for so many things.  The rituals, decor, relatives, and of course food, Indian weddings are full of vibrant colors. When we talk about Indian brides, there are so many things that make them look stunning. But without a doubt, ‘Chooda’ is one of the beloved bridal accessories. The traditional red and white bangles have an unmatched charm that is worth flaunting over and over again. Chooda is the symbol of a newly–wed bride whom you recognize even in the crowd. It is very hard to ignore and not adore a woman who is wearing chooda, isn’t? Here is why Indian brides love chooda?

Here are 5 reasons why Indian brides love chooda:

1. It gives them a new identity

We all like to feel special after the wedding, right? Wearing chooda gives you a new identity – the one being a newlywed. Chooda signifies happiness and marital bliss. Fertility & prosperity are two words associated with chooda

2. Attention! Attention & Attention

Oh yes! You get a lot of attention once you wear Chooda. It is like all eyes are on you wherever you go. With a set of Chooda in your hands, you get all the attention without screaming loud that ‘I am married’.

3. Internal Happiness cannot be shared

A lot of women wear it because they feel happy about it. It is an important part of your married life and makes you feel oh- so- happy. It also reminds you of all the beautiful moments you enjoyed during your wedding rituals.

4. It becomes a Style Statement for some time

After you get married Chooda becomes a style statement. Of course, it could be a mismatch with western clothes but you can look drop-dead gorgeous if you know what to pick.

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5. The feeling is ‘Surreal’

It keeps the memory of beautiful wedding fresh. It’s like you don’t want to let go of the feeling ‘New Bride’. The feeling of wearing chooda is Surreal. Only women who have worn them can tell you how it feels.

What does Chooda Signifies?

It is very auspicious in Punjabis but now a lot of women wear it. It is given by maternal uncle and aunt (Mama & Mami). It signifies good luck and prosperity. Also, the red color is for a stronger bond between the couple.

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