Why do we lose friends? Here are the ‘Reasons’

Friends are the most integral part of our lives! We can’t imagine our life without them, though they irritate you sometimes but they love you the most because “Harr Ek Friend Zaruri Hota Hai!”

One of the worst parts about growing up, apart from being absolutely on your own, is that you lose friends, all of them, one by one. No matter how much strong bond you share with them, the moment you step into adult life, all of them disappear.

Here, are the reasons why?

1. Priorities change

2. We often forget that friendships can’t always be effortless

3. Sometimes, it’s love that ruins friendships


Representational image of losing friends

4. Our 20s are a tough time. We all are in a hurry to prove something to ourselves and the world.

5. The support and confidence our families cannot give us, we seek in our friendships. Our friends know us the best, don’t they? But a lot times, even your friends don’t support your life decisions.

6. With some friends, you feel like you’re the only one making all the efforts.

7. Some friends are great to have. But they’re also toxic.

8. It becomes difficult for a lot of people to cope with the fact that their friends have made new friends.

9. Sometimes, you just grow apart. The things you bonded over once don’t exist in your life anymore.

10. It is funny how we just cut off from our dearest friends and years later, when we are going through old pictures on Facebook, we sit there wondering what really went wrong.

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