Why do people dream about Hickeys? Different spots predict different meanings

Hickeys are a token of love but why do people leave it on each other and why do people dream about Hickeys?


  • What are Hickeys? – Do we really need to tell you?
  • Why do people leave it on each other
  • Why do people dream about it and a few other interesting facts!

Well, Hickeys are a mark of passion and they mostly come from hard Kissing that leaves a mark on the skin area. But they can be too embarrassing sometimes. They usually pop up after an intense makeout session. But do you people leave it on each other? Did you know people dream about hickeys as well. Here are some interesting facts about Hickeys that will leave you stunned. Without any further delay, let us dive into some interesting facts.

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A user of Quora revealed that people leave hickeys on each other to let the world know that he or she is taken. It comes from passionate kissing. There could be various reasons why people leave it on each other:

· When someone gets carried away in an act.

· Some people like to dominate their partner during sexual pleasure and that could lead to leaving a hickey.

· Sometimes people leave it to mark the territory and let the world know that their partner is involved. However, it could be embarrassing sometimes. In that case, it is important to hide it properly because there is no instant cure for hickey.

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Hickey originated from the Animal Kingdom!

According to a Study in the  Psychology of Sex, it was mentioned that male mammals frequently nibbled at female mammals’ neck during mating. Basically, Hickeys originated in the animal kingdom.

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Well, Well, Well, if you are thinking you can get rid of Hickey ASAP, let us tell you there is no instant cure for it

Hickey might take 2 weeks to completely disappear and there is no instant cure to it. All you can do is –Put some ice and hide it through turtlenecks and scarves.

Hickeys have a special mention in Kamasutra

The Kamasutra has called Love bites – Coral and Jewel, where the lip is the coral and teeth is Jewel. So, yes hickeys have a special mention in Kamasutra that detail the process of giving and receiving hickeys. The text states bringing teeth and lips together. It also explains that hickey should be performed by excellent teeth free of defects.

It can also lead to stroke

Terrifyingly Yes! In the year 2011, a woman in New Zealand was left arm paralyzed after receiving a hickey on her neck. As per reports, an enthusiastic lover was sucking on her neck, leaving hickey, when she suffered a small stroke. Later on, doctors discovered that hickey had created a blood clot. Thankfully, the woman fully recovered.

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People do dream about getting a Hickey – But it is not Good News!

Dreaming about Hickey predicts two different scenarios in life. A hickey in a dream means meeting a new person, beginning a passionate relationship or it may also indicate cheating or a toxic relationship. The dream books give brief interpretations of the plot depending on the dream detail. Hickey on different parts have different meanings. Let us take a look at some of them:

· On Lip: Disappointment in yourself

· On Chest : Betrayal of a Loved one

· On Belly: Replenishment in the family

· On Face : Injuries

· On Hand : Jealousy

· On the body : Health Problems

· On Neck : A romantic meeting

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Sometimes getting a hickey also means that you are troubled by a toxic relationship or it may also suggest a battle between your heart and Brain.

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