Know why your Capricorn friend loses cool easily

Know a great deal about Capricorns in these 10 points

Do you have a Capricorn friend, who gets angry easily and you keep wondering what the hell is wrong with them! Capricorns are always struggling to do things right away, and can get angry if someone stops them. They give a lot of attention to their work and hate it when someone questions their method. They mostly think from their head rather than their heart and if someone pushes them, a hurricane of anger can come around.

Here are a few things that make them angry

1. They hate loud and violent people and they often make them go mad.

2. Neither they play with feelings and nor allow anyone to play with their feelings. Playing with feelings makes them angry.

3. Capricorns are dedicated individuals and hate irresponsible people. For them work is worship.

4. When they are in a bad mood, no one can handle them and once they are done, the game is over!

5. They don’t play games and unnecessary politics around them make them angry.

6. Capricorns are considered mean as they do not even give their friends a little break. It’s not that hard to anger them because they’re always grumpy and ready for a challenge.

7. They very well understand how much money is worth. So they can get upset if someone has taken some money and didn’t pay them back on time.

8. One thing you can’t do with the Capricorns is attacking their pride. When angered over pride, they might end ties with you.

9. Capricorns are also believed to prefer being alone rather than surrounded by enemies. It’s easy for them to let go of the toxic people from their life and to move on.

10. Suppose you piss a Capricorn, he/she will demand an arduous work in order to forgive you. They might work things up if they think being pissed off is not worth it.

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Other interesting things about Capricorns

They are a perfect blend of sexiness and toughness but making them angry is like losing them forever because they might hold on the grudges and can take a lot of time and effort from you to forgive.

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