Why Cersei Lannister died so easy! Is she even dead!


We wanted a suffering and painful death for Cersei

We all know how cruel Cersei Lannister is and how she manipulated the people of Kings Landing. Cersei loves only one thing in the world that is her kids. She had said that she could do anything to protect her children. After the death of Tommen Baratheon who is technically Tommen Lannister (the only good guy in the family), Cersei sits on the iron throne.

Didn’t expect the protector of seven kingdoms to burn innocent people

There are many bad things she did in her life, recent was the execution of Missandei which pissed his boyfriend (Grey Worm) and the self-claimed queen (Daenerys Targaryen). The mother of dragons demolishes the King’s Landing in the recent episode of Game of Thrones S8E5. Daenerys burns everyone in King’s Landing including innocent women and children.

We wanted Protector of the seven Kingdom to act according to her name and not kill innocent people but she is so pissed at Cersei for killing Missandei that she burns them all. Tyrion Lannister asked Daenerys to stop killing if people of King’s landing ring the bell but the mother of dragon is really annoyed and she kills them anyway.

 Cersei dies hugging her brother/lover  Jamie Lannister

The death of innocent people in King’s landing left us in grief and we didn’t want them to die. The only person we wanted to see burn was Cersei who somehow manages to not gain Danerys attention while she was flaming her dynasty. We wanted a painful and suffering death for Cersei but she dies hugging her brother/lover. The Citadel falls on her and Jaime Lannister leaving no chance of their survival. We wanted her to be burned alive, or a cutthroat from Arya Stark but I guess the makers didn’t think of viewers satisfaction. Although we haven’t seen her dying literally, there may be an odd chance of her being alive.

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Game of Thrones is in its last season. Five episodes have been aired and the final one will be aired this Sunday (Monday Morning in India).

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