Why being an Empath is difficult, but important?

“Empathy is about finding echoes of another person, in yourself”

Have you ever been told to be too sensitive or too emotional? Can you feel the energy in your surroundings: both negative or positive? Do you often feel the energies oozing out from the people around you? Can you tell when people aren’t telling you the whole truth, but still listen to them? Can you feel that person you love is worried or anxious about something, even being miles apart? And do you feel the same when they are distressed and worried? If your answers are positive, then you belong to a special group of people existing in the world, known as Empaths.

Empaths are a set of people, who have the capacity to feel their surroundings. They can perceive what people around them are thinking, feeling or going through. In a nutshell, an empath can feel the emotions of others. They can sense the energies oozing out from the people around them, their mental states and this makes them highly susceptible when surrounded with their family, friends and colleagues. They can sense the anxiety or distress their loved ones are going through, even if they are miles apart. They are sensitive till such an extent that they tend to feel other’s pain and anxiety too deeply, making them equally vulnerable.


Curse or Blessing?

Being an empath can be like a double edged sword. On one hand, you have this excellent intuition, which tells you how you can make others comfortable, thus balancing their energies. While on the other hand, you can forget your sense of self, because you focus too much on caring for people around you, thus making you equally vulnerable.

Empaths can perceive when a person needs to talk, and will try by every means to sit and have a chat with them, to make them comfortable, thus making them ultimate healers. They listen patiently, with variations in their tones and thoughts, thus taking you away from distress, anger, anxiety and other intense emotions. Being around an empath is certainly a blessing for you, as you will be always having someone to listen to you, support you and guide you, till the level you are comfortable and stable.

They will not leave you mid way. Sometimes, even they may walk up to you, basis their intuition that something, somewhere is not good with you. To add on to this, empaths are the best people when it comes to maintaining relations. They don’t give up easily on people, and will do everything possible to carry forward their relations. They will always feel you wanted, loved, cared for and important. But once decided to walk away, you can never get them back in your life, because of their mental strength.

Empaths are always clear what they want, and value honesty in every relation of theirs. This makes it difficult for them when they deal with others. Their clarity and thirst for honesty often makes it difficult for others to deal with them. Their hunger to know more and more about you and your situations often made them to be misunderstood. Empaths are highly sensitive and emotional people and hence they absorb the energies, emotions and situations of people around them too deeply.

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This makes them more vulnerable than others. They overthink, and try every means to improve the situation of people around them, even if it costs their own peace. They neglect themselves, while caring about others. This often makes them trusting people easily, which later on turns into a disaster. Empaths love to hear others, but when it comes to them, they don’t discuss their life with others, which makes them a closed person for others, adding to their difficulties of feeling left out, suffocated and alone.

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In a nutshell, if you have an empath friend, nothing can be better than that because you have someone who is an ultimate healer for your mind and soul, who will be always there by your side no matter what, and who will perceive you are not doing good even if you are miles apart and call. But all this, at the cost of their own soul, mind, body and peace. All they need to be loved back, felt wanted and taken out of their own solitude.

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