Why are young Indians prone to heart disease?

Why is the risk of heart disease increasing in youngsters?

There was a time when heart disease and its associated conditions were seen only in old age. But now the time has changed. Inadequate lifestyle, changes in eating habits, and lack of nutrition, as well as factors like stress, anxiety, and obesity, have also made the youth a victim of heart disease. Not only this, but many young people are also seeing serious problems like heart attacks.

Such a problem occurring at a young age not only affects the quality of life, but you also become a victim of many other diseases. According to experts related to heart disease, heart failure is a type of chronic condition. This problem occurs when the heart is unable to pump blood sufficiently, due to which the metabolic demands of tissues in the body are not met.

Due to this type of weakness in the heart, the blood supply gets affected due to which serious problems like fatigue, shortness of breath, and heart failure can occur at an early age. This is the reason that in order to take care of the heart, some important things related to it must be known.

1. Heartburn: If you feel burning or pressure in the chest all the time, it may be a sign of a blockage in the heart veins. But it is not necessary that it is only a sign of this. Sometimes this kind of problem can also occur due to some other physical problem. But if such a problem persists, then it should not be taken lightly at all. People who have a problem of blockage in the nerves, may experience chest pain and heaviness as well as feeling like vomiting and dizziness. Abdominal pain may also occur in this condition.

2. Digestive Problems: Persistent digestive problems and pain in the left-hand shoulder can also be a sign of this. In such a situation, you should understand that your heart needs care.

3. Pain and Inflammation: Pain in the feet, swelling, excessive sweating, as well as nervousness, can also be signs of this disease. These are all common symptoms, which are usually seen in the early stages in all heart patients. If you have any such problem then contact the doctor immediately.

4. Women have some different symptoms: Signs associated with a heart attack in women are slightly different from men. Irregular periods in women, difficulty in pregnancy, obesity or excess fat, more hair than normal on the breast area and face can also be a sign of heart disease.

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Reason for heart disease in youngsters:

1. The youth are worried about tomorrow to such an extent that they have forgotten to live there today. In their desire to collect worldly things, they are ignoring their health, and their sleep-wake time is not fixed. This is a major factor that increases stress. Then stress is the cause of most cases of heart failure.

2. Adding sweet and spicy food to a routine diet is also a big reason for the increasing cases of a heart attacks. Nowadays youth live more in other cities away from home in the pursuit of their career. Where there is no one to take care of his diet. Due to lack of time, carelessness, and laziness, most of the young children eat deep-fried, street food and canned things. Which is making his body hollow from inside. This later becomes the reason for a sick heart.

3. Smoking, pollution, and a lazy lifestyle, all three together are making the heart very weak. Not exercising and not following any routine does not allow their biological clock to be set. that makes them sick. Along with this, young people start doing seating jobs in large numbers at an early age. In such a situation, spending 10 to 12 hours every day sitting in a chair is also pushing the youth towards heart-related diseases.

What is the solution?

Various methods and treatments are currently available to manage each stage of heart disease. Changing your diet along with lifestyle changes and regular exercise can protect you from developing heart disease problems at a young age.

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